Monday, May 18, 2020

Monday May 18

Happy Monday my amazing friends! 


This is our LAST virtual week! 
We still have a zoom meeting on Wednesday! 

Letter S from colored gemstones. 3D rendering isolated on white ... S for Silly Sock day! Wear some crazy socks all day! Send me a picture! 

This week parents, I want you to work on identifying coins! This isn't in our green books (we are done with the green books, feel free to continue with them till the end of the book, but I need to have them understand coins--which is not in our book (it stinks!) so I figured how fun for our students to use this time to learn about coins! 

Here are some poems to HELP remember the coin and how much they are worth! 

Math game to play for sorting coins! At the beginning it goes over the coins names and how much they are worth! Click play in the upper corner to play the game! 

Math Game

This is ALSO something new, head to Seesaw and I want you to complete the two pages online! It is about the name of the coin and how much they are worth! Use your parents to help but I am so proud of you all, you have NO idea!! 


Today in your journal, I want you to think about if I gave you $10 each, what would you like to buy with your money? 

United States ten-dollar bill - Wikipedia

My journal for the day:
If I had $10, I would love to go and buy a big bag of chocolate, but not any chocolate, it would be my favorite candy, Charleston Chews! I know that it would cost about $4 to buy that, the other money I would then save for something I want later, like treating my family to Culver's custard! I would make sure to save up enough money so everybody in my family can get what they want, and I would make sure I would buy myself a turtle sundae! Yum! 


  1. AJ's internet has been done all day today. He will do his seesaw tonight.

  2. Is anyone missing a blue Fila zip up spring jacket? It was in Liam’s stuff from his locker but it does not belong to let me know if it belongs to you and I will drop it off:)