Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Day 3 here! I am happy for you boys and girls as this is our last learning day this week! We have "off" Thursday, Friday and Monday!



Use this Math Game to help look at graphs again! You are looking at the graphs and answering the questions! I can not see what answers you choose, but this is more practice with looking at graphs.

I need you to answer what Puzzled Penguin did wrong on page 179! He made a silly mistake! Can you help him fix it? 

It is still more looking at data! So boys and girls, review the videos from Monday and Tuesday, and complete pages in your math books on page 179-180. 

Keep up the amazing work! 

We got this Memes

Language Arts/Phonics/Spelling:

Today in your Poem Notebook--I want you to draw a picture for the poem! Make sure that what great illustrators (artists) do when it comes to adding to our poems, that our pictures make sense! I can't see a picture of a monkey in this weeks Poem "The Big Black Bug" because there was no mention of a monkey! SO make sure your picture matches the words of our poem! I can't wait to see the finished drawing--if you wanted too, feel free to have your parents email me a picture! 

PHONICS: Here are some more LONG-A words! PLEASE ignore the ai_e words (maize/Maine/raise) We do not do this in first grade! Just stick with yesterday's spelling patterns and work with the ai, ay, a_e words! 


Here is a SPELLING CHOICE BOARD that you can use with your child! I am just aiming for them to be able to read the word in 3 seconds and spell most of our words correctly! 

Pick one from EACH COLOR!! Work on it each night, one color you pick, again ONE color a day (You do not have to do all 9 choices)! Remember, this is ALL about practice! I just want them to master some of these sight words! 

  1. Use Play-Doh. Roll your sight words out or write them in the play-doh with your finger
  2. Write your sight word in a white crayon. Then use a marker and color your paper. Read your words as you find them on your paper!
  3. Write your sight words on index cards, then play a game of memory. Make sure you read the words each time you turn over a card. You could also play a game of hide-n-seek with the words, and have mom or dad hide them and you have to find them as fast as you can! 
  4. Type your sight words on the computer.
  5. Write your sight words with crayons. 
  6. Play sight word hopscoth. Write your words on the sidewalk, and hop on each word as you read it. 
  7. Put your words in ABC order. 
  8. Rainbow Words, write each one of the sight words tracing it 3 times with 3 different colors! 
  9. Pyramid Words--create a word pyramid for each one of the words. (example see below)


Watch this youtube video for Easter, I just really want you to watch it and just truly realize how awe-inspiring Jesus was! 

Wednesday Funnies (Will Be On Friday's!)

For Fun--because I need to keep up the funnies because you guys know I would be doing this anyways! 
Enjoy my dancing video! A NEW VIDEO! Anybody want to copy my moves?! 

Look at Parker's big black bug! 


  1. In the dance video that you posted I think it's not really you because it looks like you are floating. - McKenna

    1. That SO could have been me! Wait till I post another one! Miss you!

  2. All done for the long weekend.

    1. Oh Parker, thank you for the picture of your big black bug! I am missing you!

  3. AJ is all done with the items above.
    He said it was crazy dancing because it was fast.

    1. Oh Aj, I could have danced that fast, in school (maybe!)
      I miss you!!

  4. Liam had a late start but he’s almost finished

    1. Hey any start is better than no start! Thank you! MISS YOU!!

  5. Caden had a good day with schoolwork today he thinks your dance was fake because he said your feet weren't touching the ground. :D will work on Dad sending messages so I don't have to do it when I come home from work sorry its so late.