Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Jesus means Love, February is Love

What a fantastic start to February! I love seeing all the smiling faces EVERY day! No matter what the weather is, the kids come in bright-eyed and cheery! It makes my days fly by with their happiness and with all their energy being put to good use, February is already half over!

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I have heard from everybody for conferences! I can't wait to see you all next week Tuesday or Thursday and Monday! I am looking forward to talking about the exciting things I have seen in your child and discuss what we are going to be seeing by the end of the year! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me! I am always available! Thank you for helping your child grow not only academically, but also in their love for our Lord! 


We celebrated the 100th day of school on Thursday! All boys that day but they sure did have a blast that day! Lots of 100 day celebrations! Check out the kindergarten page as they dressed up as if they were 100 years old! 

Coming up for math, we are still having a hard time working with numbers from 1-100. So we are going to back it up a bit and focus on how those numbers have some tens stick and ones cubes, and we are going to be working on addition and subtraction within 100! Subtraction is a TOUGH concept for some students. Flash cards at home would help them greatly! 

We will be looking at regrouping from the tens side, and using that knowledge to help up subtract! We are also going to be looking forward to adding large numbers and carrying over that extra "10"! 

Language Arts/Writing/Reading/Phonics

For language arts, we are working on grammar! We have mastered nouns, verbs, complete and incomplete sentences! Next we are going to be working on subject-verb agreement! 

Writing, we are working on INFORMATIONAL TEXT! We have looked at books with some features that include a table of contents and real pictures. Have fun looking at books and discussing what type of books they are! Fiction or non-fiction, why is that?  
 With that writing resource, we will be writing an "All About Book" that is going to include about a research topic we decided to do! As a WHOLE class, we are going to be writing about Snakes, and using my model to have them work on their own book. At the end of this unit, I will bring in my pet snake Ebenezer Squeezer! I will be sending home a parent letter asking for permission for your child to hold the snake! Be on the look out for right around Spring Break! I am shooting for that Friday before break!

Reading has been an amazing adventure! I am so proud of all the students' and their growth! If you have any questions as to what level your son or daughter is on, let me know! I am happy to help them with their growth! 

Phonics has been quite interesting! Phonics has a lot to do with listening to the sound of the words and figuring out which letters make that sound! We have learned about the diagraphs th,wh,ch,sh, and ck. We have also learned at this point in the year about double letters!  If the vowel is a short sound, and ends with an f, l, or s, even z, we double that ending sound! We have worked on ph/wh sounds and we have also focused on l-blends such as plan, blimp, etc. Keep working on these with your child! 
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We have been focusing on the sacraments this month! We have just learned about baptism! The students thought about their own baptisms and asked questions! I had them write them down to ask the parents as I could not answer the questions! Thank you for getting back to them with their own questions! I loved hearing about it the next day because they were all so excited to tell me!! 

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We are wrapping up the second unit in our science! It goes over the world and how we take care of our earth! We have discussed how we can help at home! We are now working on the seasons and discussing why we love one season more than the others! So far, we are ALL in love with summer (because Mrs. Friesen does not like winter--I love that reason!) .

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Social Studies:

We are working on community services! We have discussed why we have a job and what we pay for! They just got over understanding the difference between wants and needs and have come to the understanding why we don't always get everything we ask for from our parents! I hope they have this discussion with you as we had a big talk about it! They all also said they were willing to help out more at home, so I am hoping that this also do that too! 
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Important Dates:

13th-Get Active for 4k-1st 
14th-Valentines Day Party, Mass at 8:15
18th-Parent teacher conferences
19th-Mass at 8:15
20th-Parent teacher conferences, Get Active 4k-1st grade
21st-No School
24th-parent teacher conferences
26th-Ash Wednesday, Mass 8:15
28th-Mass 8:15

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Catholic Schools Week= Success!

This past week was Catholic School's week and it was amazing! I was so excited to see the kids dressed up and enjoying the fun filled days! Coming up we are getting ready for February and we are going to get ready for some parent-teacher conferences.

Monday: We had the Leukemia Hop in the morning, and then a read-a-thon in the afternoon! We dressed up as Book Characters! 

Tuesday: It was dress as an Athlete day! I had cheer leaders and a baseball, football and karate kids in my classroom! We also got to hang with our book buddies, instead of reading, we played with our math tubs! 

Wednesday, we went to Luv to Play! We got to dress comfy and it was amazing! This place is such a hit! 

Thursday: We got to dress up as Disney characters! This would be the ONE day I forgot to take pictures! But we also saw MANY of our friends at Funset Blvd! It was so fun seeing everybody playing and riding those bumper cars! 

Friday: We had Grandparents day! I want to thank all the grandma's and grandpa's for coming and hanging with my amazing friends! I was so excited to meet each and every one of them! 

Be on the look out for my blog next week to see what we are working on in February! 

Thursday, January 16, 2020

Coming UP!

HOW on Earth did it get to be almost half way through January already? We are well on our way to getting back into the swing of things and we are TOTALLY rocking it!

The end of this month is Catholic Schools Week! I am so excited! We get to celebrate being in our amazing school!

Thank you also for having the students here on time and ready for prayer! It makes my heart so happy to see all the smiling faces at prayer and hear their prayers as they are always praying for other people!

As always, my door is always open! Feel free to email me as well with any questions! We are all a team!
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Catholic Schools Week:

Sunday, January 26-Mass at 8:45 at St. Edward's, I hope to see all the students attend!

Monday, January 27, Dress as your favorite book character!

Tuesday, January 28, Dress as an athelete! Leukemia Hop in the morning!

Wednesday, January 29, Comfy clothes as we have our field trip to Luv 2 Play from 9:30-1:20!

Thursday, January 30, Disney Day! Dress as any Disney character!

Friday, January 31, Grandparents Day! Dress nice and we have Grandparents tour the school, book fair and bingo! Early release at 11:00am!

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We are focusing on numbers from 1-120 and working with addition and subtraction numbers within 120! This will be our main focus using the 120 chart to help solve math equations!

Science:     Image result for natural resources

We have been working on ways we can reduce, reuse and recycle to help protect our natural resources! The students have some BEAUTIFUL ideas! They can also add some ideas to help out at home more!

Social Studies: Image result for community service quotes

We are still working on Community Service people and what we notice in our communities! We also discussed and will continue to discuss how WE can help our community!


We are still continue to work on our Writing for a Reason! We have made posters to help spread awareness in our school about some problems we have noticed! Some problems we have noticed in the school is cutting in lines and lying! The students solutions are amazing! Check out our posters!

Phonics, we are working on double constant letters , ff, ll,ss, and zz! These come after a short vowel sound and end with one of these letter sounds, that is how we know it is a double letter! We are also focusing on some new sight words who/what/when/where/why!

Spelling, we are still working on certain spelling words and spelling rules! Keep practicing with our friends!

Reading, everybody is growing in our reading abilities! I am so proud of all the stories that the students are going through and the ability to answer my comprehension questions! Keep reading at home with our daily binder and questions, as I have seen the tremendous growth!

We were also reading this week with our reading buddies! I love how they have grown into some pretty amazing big buddies!


We are learning stories from the Bible weekly! We have also touched base on the Seven Sacraments! We will be going over these again in the following weeks as I have some students who still struggle with this! 
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Up Coming Dates

      17th - NO SCHOOL - End of 2nd quarter
      24th - Mass 8:15am
      26th - Catholic Schools Mass/ Registration begins for 2020-21
      27th - Freedom bus riders need to call in order to ride today
      31st  - Grandparent's Day 8:15am Mass, 11am dismissal, no bussing