Tuesday, April 23, 2019

How Can This Be? It is May Next Week!

Image result for may is here I am so excited to announce that is is May next week! I know how excited for the warm weather! I am not a winter person, by any means, and NOW....warm weather! I am so ecstatic about it! Even the students know~!

What is coming up:
Well, soon we will start the ABC countdown to summer! This Thursday starts with A-for Alleluia! Friday is B-Balloons and Bubbles! A calendar will be going home on Wednesday with the rest of the month!


We are focusing on shapes this week! How many sides/vertices and we are identifying different components of each and comparing and contrasting our 2d shapes with 3d shapes!

Language Arts/Grammar/Phonics/Reading

We are focusing on writing more, how to add detail to what we are writing about! They are actually mastering this quite nicely, but we are focusing on adding more detail to make our writing more interesting persay. Phonics we are focusing on finishing up the oi/oy spelling pattern. Grammar, we are going to be looking at our books and picking out subject-verb agreement! We have been studying this in class, and they are becoming pros in their writing! For reading, we are still working in small groups focusing on what they need to work on to be successful readers! 


We are focusing on our 5 Senses this week. We will be starting out with not being able to use our eyes and using our other senses to figure out what is in the bag. 

Social Studies:Image result for world

We are focusing on the geography component, and we are looking at continents and oceans! 

Image result for jesus has risenReligion:

We are focusing on Easter and what it meant to the world that Jesus has risen! 

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