Friday, October 11, 2019


The chill is in the air! Be prepared for soon we will start to see snowflakes, and I will be shedding tears for the summer months soon passing!

This past week was Fire Safety Week! We LOVED getting a chance to meet some firefighters and exploring their trucks and shooting the water out of the hose! It was a blast! Some classroom discussions we shared this week was a meeting place in case of a fire at our house and at school! Our meeting place at school is right by the church, as we should all be staying together as a classroom. Have these important discussions with your child today as we never know what might happen in the future!

~~ALSO heads up for Halloween, we can wear Halloween colors, purple/orange/green/black, but we are NOT wearing costumes! Instead, Friday we have ALL SAINT'S DAY-have your child dress up as a Saint, and work on two facts for that Saint, and we will share after Mass! This is going to be super epic! Let me know if you need help finding a Saint for your son or daughter~~

Fire Safety

We have learned LOTS of interesting things about fire and fire safety! 


We have been working on addition and subtraction within 10. On next Friday, October 18, we will be having our unit 2 test! Look out on Thursday for the unit 2 review that we complete in class, and I will have circled the items they need to focus on for the test!
They are going to be just fine! They are doing amazing in math and figuring out fun equations for our daily numbers!

Language Arts/Reading/Writing/Phonics

We are still working out of the Fundations Phonics program! We have learned all the vowel sounds and all the letter sounds, and we are now going to be working on diagraphs (wh, th, sh, ch, ck)! Practice with these with your child as it is something new, but they can hear the sounds! This is usually a challenging concept to grasp within the first week, so I know they are going to do amazing things when they SLOW down and take their time! 
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For reading, we are working on books at your child's level! They read them in class, I am working on comprehension skills with your child, and I have been seeing some tremendous growth! 

For writing, we have finished writing about stories and what they each need, now we are focusing on Personal Narratives, that is where we will be writing a story about something that happened in our life, because we are our own experts! 


We are still working on our prayers! But we are also learning about Jesus and his parents, and we are comparing how life was the same and different! We discussed what it would be like if we were going to have the Holy family come over for dinner, and I heard a lot of little friends are willing to clean the house for fun! 

Social Studies/Science

For science, we are going to be looking at habitats soon and creating our OWN habitat! 

Social studies, we are wrapping up what it means to be a Good Citizen! 

Important Dates

16th/17th: Parent Teacher Conferences with Mrs. Friesen (please see the orange paper I sent home on Thursday October 10 for your times!)
    17th - 3k/4k Fall Funfest in St. Edward cafeteria- 5-6:30pm
    18th - Mass 8:15am
    23rd - Mass 8:15am; Xavier play for k - 5th grade 9:30-11:30am
    24th - Early Release 11:30am - NO AFTERCARE; 
    25th - NO SCHOOL

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