Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Welcome Back-Tuesday April 14, 2020

Welcome back all my cool cats and kittens! I sure am missing you guys, but thank you for keeping up with your homework! Today we are going to be starting with our attendance! I do plan to take attendance EVERY DAY, so please comment below by 3:00pm, for me to mark you present! They are time-stamped, so I will be able to see who checked in and who has not! 

Other Ways to Say “Thank You So Much” and “Thank You Very Much” in ...


Also, if you would like to email the pictures/completed work, that is also acceptable! 

Don't forget to check SEESAW for READING this week ( EVERY DAY!)


Check back last week to review how I want the poem put into our writing notebooks! Take notice at EACH end of the line, they RHYME! Remember that for tomorrow!

Our poem this week is called I Went Downtown.

I went downtown
To see Mrs. Brown.

She gave me a nickel
to buy a pickle. 

The pickle was sour,
She gave me a flower. 

The flower was red,
She gave me a thread.

The pin was sharp,
So she gave me a harp.

And the harp began to sing--

**There is another line HOWEVER, we are going to do something creative this week with our poem**

Watch Rylee read you your poem this week! 

Feel free to review our long a-vowel partners from last week. 
This week we are going to be working on our LONG E sounds!

Vowel Teams Poster 1-2
ee--jeep--/e/ (e says his name)

ea-eat--/e/ (e says his name)

ey-key--/e/ (e says his name)

Parents, using the white board marker/clear packet, have the students try to "spell" the words out with the long e! Remember, we are not made to master this skill, we are made to have it introduced to us so that way when we start seeing these vowel teams in our reading, we can quickly identify them! 

Please IGNORE the top portion! 

Long E vowel Teams Poster (EE,EA,EY) | Teaching vowels, Phonics ...
Another List

I will be coming back to these posters this whole week to focus on those long e sounds! So feel free to pick 5-8 words each day to get them to attempt to write the correct long e letter. In the end, vowel teams end up being about memorization for spelling practice, and we are just focusing on the sound/sight to recognize it says E. 


Watch the Youtube video, and complete the pages 181  in your green math book! At the bottom of page 181, I need you to ask ONE question about the hot dog data! One question using the word MORE or FEWER would be the best question to ask to have us looking at two sets of numbers, but any question will be accepted!

Page 182, You do not have to do, as I did not include some cubes to use! So in my video, ignore the last 20 seconds of it! I made a mistake and I could not edit it!


Check out Mrs. Klemp's blog here and leave her a comment on her blog to let her know that you saw it! You need to comment on her blog AND my blog, when I make it a part of your homework!


For spelling--pick one from each color for one of your enrichment activities! Make sure you pick your 4-6 words to focus on this week! Make me proud! 

  1. Use Play-Doh. Roll your sight words out or write them in the play-doh with your finger
  2. Write your sight word in a white crayon. Then use a marker and color your paper. Read your words as you find them on your paper!
  3. Write your sight words on index cards, then play a game of memory. Make sure you read the words each time you turn over a card. You could also play a game of hide-n-seek with the words, and have mom or dad hide them and you have to find them as fast as you can! 
  4. Type your sight words on the computer.
  5. Write your sight words with crayons. 
  6. Play sight word hopscoth. Write your words on the sidewalk, and hop on each word as you read it. 
  7. Put your words in ABC order. 
  8. Rainbow Words, write each one of the sight words tracing it 3 times with 3 different colors! 
  9. Pyramid Words--create a word pyramid for each one of the words. (example see below)

For art, on SEESAW, you will have a picture of a heart, I would LOVE for you to decorate it/color it in with people and things that make your heart full, that make it happy because God gave us the ability to love and care for our Earth, I can't wait to see what we get to love and care for!

Zoom Meeting:

I will send out an email for our zoom meeting. We will be doing it this WEDNESDAY at 1:00pm, so I hope ALL can attend! It should be about 20-30 minutes to see how it goes! I am excited to see who I can see and if I can not see you this week, we will try again! 

I would ask each student to bring ONE item to show the class at that time!

Weekly Learning Schedule 


  1. Today is complete for Caden other than SEESAW the app is not showing anything new. The Easter egg is there but no new assignments.

  2. Blake’s slowly working through today’s work...

  3. AJ is working on Seesaw now, did his music and working on the above items.

  4. McKenna - liked how the poem rhymes at the end of each line and she noticed it before I even mentioned it go her.

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