Monday, May 4, 2020

Monday May 4

Hello there boys and girls! I sure do miss you!

Starting this week we are going to slow things down a bit! You are all doing ABSOLUTELY amazing!

you are so amazing | Make a Meme

Starting this week, we are going to be completing 2 items a day! This is my goal! 

So for my goal, it is going to be:
 Monday's and Wednesday's are math and journal
Tuesday's and Thursday's are reading and seesaw! 
Friday's are religion and fun day! 

So I am sorry for giving you guys a lot! Now we are going to be slowing it down and just relaxing for the rest of the school year! 


Alphabet letter i, capital letter, capital letter i, colored ... Inside Out Day! Wear your clothes inside out! What a FUN learning day! 


We are working on shapes! This is all about playing with shapes to make new shapes! We have done some of this in class! I want to see if you can make NEW shapes using OTHER shapes! 

These would be in pages 224-226 in your green math book! 

Feel free to also play this Math Game

Shapes Worksheets and Flashcards | Preschool charts, Shapes ...

Today I want you to write about how you are feeling in your journal! Can you make it a challenge and write 3-4 sentences about WHY you feel that way? 
Quarantine Parenting: Grab Your Feelings Chart! - Dynamo Girl
My journal would state: 
I am proud today! I am proud because my students work so hard everyday and I know how hard it can be. I know that I am proud because when I think of my students I smile knowing that they are so loved and lucky. I am also proud that I remembered to help my daughter's bake a cake together! It was fun! 


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  1. Hi Mrs. Friesen! I'm checking in for the day. 😜 I actually just wanted to see how it works to post a comment to someone else's blog. Missing you and your students like crazy! Have a Magnificent Monday!!!

  2. Pria is working on math for today and could use some direction on page 226

  3. AJ is working on his homework.

  4. Parker checking in. Sorry, my fault its late

    1. You are not late! You have till 11:59 PM! But I am asleep by then!!

  5. Blake checking in for today! my fault for being late Travis