Thursday, May 14, 2020

Thursday. May 14

How on Earth are you guys GROWING every day?! There is no way you guys were my first graders from this year!! You are all looking to be about second graders!! Time SLOW DOWN!!

Pin on Humor


34in Pink Letter Q Balloon | Party CityQuick! RUN! Can you create an at home obstacle course for field day! Do you have jumps? Do you have anything where you have to walk as slow as a turtle?

Reading and Seesaw

Read for 20 minutes again! Oh we could snuggle all good and read to our brothers and sisters or even to our moms and dads out loud! What a great idea! 

Reading Memes

Then head to Seesaw and draw a picture or write about what you saw in your head! I can not WAIT to see everything that you guys are working on!