Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Tuesday, May 12


Tomorrow we have a zoom meeting! I would love for you guys to bring your favorite STUFFED ANIMAL to our zoom meeting tomorrow!

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Letter O 3d Orange Isolated On White - 3d Rendering Stock Photo ... Wear ORANGE day! Send me some pictures of you in your orange! 


Today you are going to read for 20 minutes! Then head to Seesaw and fill out "What I saw in my mind"! 

This is one part of the story that stuck out to you the MOST! And I would love for you to either write or draw what you can see in your head! 

I am reading a Harry Potter book with Piper and I haven't seen the movies in about 10 years, however when I am reading about the Sorting Hat, I am picturing a hat that I like wearing versus what it said! 

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This is the hat I imagined in my head!