Friday, August 21, 2020

August 2020

 welcome back to school - Saint Athanasius Catholic Academy

Oh how I have MISSED all of my students last year, and am very much looking forward to my upcoming amazing class! 

Don't forget, meet the teacher night is Monday August 24 from 4-6! Mrs. Schuh sent out an email with a sign up sheet! I can't wait to see everybody! Please remember it is only for 5 minutes, to drop supplies off in the bin, and then check out the classroom and head on back home! But that 5 minutes is going to have an incredible feeling for me as I am excited for this upcoming school year with all the newness that comes with it! 

Please Remember

We are still following CDC guide lines! We will be wearing masks in the classroom but we will also be taking many mask breaks for outside walks! Our desks are 6 ft apart in my classroom this year, and we are also washing our desks every night and washing our hands throughout the day! We will also be using hand sanitizer to keep our hands clean! 

We also have no water bubblers working currently. Please have your child bring a water bottle that they can open, and have it filled each and every day before school. These will be coming home each night to be washed and brought back the next day. While we are having our bathroom breaks, we will also be using that time to fill up our bottles of water. This will be the only time we can fill up our water bottles, so having them full each morning will help the students! 

Lunch-there will be no microwaves this year, so please make sure that the students can open up their lunches and eat them without reheating our food. 

Remember to check back bi-weekly for important updates! 

Check out our Mask Video! 

Upcoming Dates:

August 24-School Supply Drop Off/Meet the teacher 4-6

August 27-First day of school


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