Friday, April 16, 2021

My Apologies!


This past month has FLOWN by! I can't believe we are already in APRIL! It was just very surprising to me! We have been hard at work in the classroom creating amazing memories from learning to work together to creating amazing art work projects! 

We had spring break 2 weeks ago, and since we have been back, we have been on the go the whole time! My students' are just keeping me young! 

With that being said, let's check out what we will be working on! 


For grammar, we have been working on sequence words and how they pertain to a particular time of day and a particular order! (Such as first, second, morning, evening, later, etc) They have MASTERED this! My students are doing amazing with this! Coming up, we are going to be working on context clues, which will help us figure out what some words mean by using the rest of the sentence to solve! This is a very hard concept for first graders, but I know my students'' will be troopers and amaze me again! 

Writing has been very opinionated lately! That is exactly what we have been working on! We have been determining if what we are writing about could be facts of opinions, and so far, we have written about our favorite food, and WHY it is the best food ever! I love how creative my friends are and it amazes me every year what we are creating in the classroom! 

Reading has been going AMAZING! Your child should come home today and tell you the good news to their new reading levels! In class we have learned about Clarabelle-The Milking Cow! Coming up, we will be focusing on the word "Perseverance" and how our characters in our next story show us how strong they are by continuing to push through no matter how hard the task is! 

Phonics has just been PHENOMENAL! We just wrapped up our last unit on long o's! We have mastered short and long vowels! Coming up, we are going to be focusing on s blends! 


Going into spring break, I wanted to make sure it was an easy chapter, and it has been amazing! We have focused on number patterns and place value! Next chapter we are going to be working on is numbers from 1-120, and addition and subtraction with regrouping and without regrouping! This is a struggle for some students, but I know that they will be mathematicians by the end of this lesson! Keep practicing the flash cards! 


We have just finished up our unit on Easter and the next chapter of Pentecost. Next chapter coming up, we will be focusing on who the Church serves. 

Science and Social Studies

For science, we have been working on simple machines! We are professionals with them! We can name all of them and give real world examples! Next unit coming up will be senses! 

Social studies we are wrapping up our unit on Geography! We now know there are 5 oceans and 7 continents! We know we live on the continent of North America and live in the country of the United States! 

Final Countdown

Be on the lookout for the calendar countdown for the final 26 days of school! You will soon have second graders on your hands! 

Saint Research

We did an AMAZING job researching our Saint! We got to pick one Saint to read all about them! 

Coming Up

April 23-Mass at 8:15
April 27-ABC Countdown Starts
April 30-Mass at 8:15

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