Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Looking Forward In January

"What is the best way to get a message to God?.....Through "knee-mail"!

Little humor to start off this glorious January! 

 Language Arts:

WE are REALLY focusing on how to write better sentences using capital letters, punctuation and spacing! This is a beginning of the year concept that we have been working through, but I still have a lot of friends who could use some more practice at home!  

We are also working in small guided reading groups with everybody making progress! 

You will also notice that I am sending home their binders daily for them to start more rote reading at home. You will notice on the first page of the binder that it explains what each reading goal is, within reading it three times! Please continue to work each night with your child as it is going to help them become better readers and better comprehend smaller passages as we start to read longer passages in class! In the two days of reading it, I have students who came back in ecstatic about how many words they improved on in the minute reading! Keep it up! 

You will also notice in reading that at the end of you binders, we have our guided reading homework. Feel free to ask your child what they are doing in the back of their binders as most of our work goes right into that portion, before we move on to the next reading level!


We are working on addition and subtraction strategies up to 100!  Our focus is on how to set up our math story problems into an equation that makes sense to us, and then working from there! We are also focusing on our answer and double checking that it makes sense! ( 2+ {} =19, the part that is missing can't be 21) This is still a real struggle for the students, but I am having them explain to me why it does or does not make sense. 

You will also see no math homework at night, unless they missed school! This is because I want the students to focus on reading with their binders! The students have ample amount of time to complete their math homework in class, that I know they will do fantastic with!

Social Studies:

 In social studies, we are working Community Economics, with our focus being on: How do jobs and money affect people in a community? The students might come home with some questions about your jobs and I encourage you to share what you do and how it helps, does it help people, or help keep people safe, or does it help create? Even stay at home parents are such a huge success to our communities! 


In science we are focusing on Physical Science. What is it made of? What are some of the characteristics? Solid/Liquid/Gas! I can't wait to have the students share with you all about the world around them using scientific terms! 


We are going to be focusing on what goes on at Mass! Learning the when and why we do what we do during Mass! I will be sending home a little prayer book in the next couple of weeks to look at prayers we have learned in class! 

Calendar/Important Dates:

11-Mass 8:15am
16-End of 2nd Quarter
18-Mass 8:15am
24-Early Release 11:30am(NO AFTER CARE)
25-No School
27-All school mass Sunday 8:45am- Start of Catholic Schools Week

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