Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Wednesday March 18, 2020!

Wednesday, as I look outside I see the snow! And I am glad that I did not have recess duty today!

One thing I am going to work with you today on is Moby Max! I tried to record a video of me, but it did not work! So let me use my words today!

I sent home a worksheet that helped with this and how to login.

This is a way for you student to continue to grow daily if they practice on this for about 20 minutes. I do not want to keep them on the computer during this time also, so I am trying to limit it!

I would stick to the math, even if they have a placement test, let them get the answers wrong, they are learning, and trust me, we are not meant to know everything from the get-go!

I would also stick to the reading/phonics portion of mobymax! It will help all student grow and I will be able to see what the students worked on while from home.

 I will hopefully be uploading another video tonight, but we shall see what happens with that!

BUT today's focus was MOBYMAX.

Comment below with an answer to my trivia question so I know which parents have seen this and which ones I need to email to set it up! I will reveal the answer tomorrow 😊

Trivia Question!
What was the name of the cowboy in Toy Story?

Image result for woody from toy story