Thursday, April 16, 2020

Thursday, April 16

Good morning! It was so nice to see you yesterday! You have no idea how amazing that truly was! What do you guys think about doing that weekly? Each week we will have something fun to do? And it will be a time to just connect with your friends...let me know in the comments if you wanted to keep up with the zoom meetings weekly!


Complete pages 185-186. If you feel like you needed more practice, you can complete pages 187-188, but that is not required! This is just another way to organize our data and information! This works for some but not others, and that is ok boys and girls! My job is to show you the MANY different ways to solve problems, and your job is to help figure out what works best for your brain!! 

Oh boy boys and girls! My video did not work/uploaded the wrong video, and I accidentally deleted the other video! 

Today is just like yesterday with comparison bars, but in the video I explained that WHATEVER way worked for you was ok with me! You are free to solve the math problems HOWEVER you seem fit! 

If you needed a refresher from yesterday's lesson, it is down below, but however your brain wants to work today on Math--the choice is up to you! Sorry boys and girls! 

This is from yesterday's math lesson. 

Keep up your 20 minute reading, and fill out the daily reading log on Seesaw! 


Today, you are going to write your OWN last line for the poem! Remember, it needs to rhyme with the word above it! I know you have got this boys and girls! 


Long vowel e words! Keep them up! You have this! I just bought this poster series! So these words should be easier to master! I will be putting these words up on Monday and by Wednesday/Thursday giving them the harder words that I can find! 


  1. Just finishing up homework right now. Will be dropping off math work shortly.

  2. McKenna is just finishing up her work right now. She would really like to do a zoom meeting weekly.

  3. Caden is working on it now. Late start today.

  4. AJ is working on his homework now. AJ enjoyed the zoom meeting and would like to continue to do it.

  5. Pria loves the Zoom meeting. Let's do it again.