Friday, May 22, 2020

Friday, May 22

This is our LAST learning day! We have done amazing things these past few weeks my friends! I have missed you losing more teeth, to growing bigger, and I have even missed hearing all about your amazing families!

Happy Friday • USO El Paso

If you have NOT completed all of your assignments (which a few of you have not) you have till May 27 to complete those! I will still be uploading to the blog with the ABC countdown activities that I pray you continue to participate in, but my amazing friends, you are going to do amazing things come next year!


Alphabet letter w, capital letter, capital letter w, colored ... Walk through the zoo day! Here is Zoo Tours that lets you choose which exhibits you want to look at! Mine to watch is the giraffe cam, as that is Reece's favorite animal! Blakley picked the Pandas as she thought they were really cute and Piper picked the lions because she loves how fierce they are! 


Today we are going to learn about Jonah and the Whale! 


For your art, head to Seesaw to check out the make your own drawing! You have to COMPLETE the squiggle line that is ALREADY there, however, it is NOT a butterfly! So please do not draw a butterfly! Add color and whatever else you would like, I can not wait to see the creativity coming form my amazing friends!