Friday, May 8, 2020

Friday, May 8

Happy Friday!

This weekend is Mother's Day weekend! Make your mom something SUPER special! Handmade card, draw a picture, pick up the house are some good ideas!

How do they celebrate Mother's Day in other countries? | Explore ...


M Letter Made Of Colorful Musical Notes On White Background ... MUSIC DAY! Play your favorite music and have a dance party! I know I will be getting crazy with all my favorite DISNEY songs!

Head over to Mrs. Klemp's blog to see some FUN music videos!!!  Mrs. Klemp's Blog Here


I want you to listen to this story that is read by a young child! It is a rhyming book but it is about trusting God and knowing he loves you! Watch this with your family even! We need to trust in the Lord just like in our story! 

Fun Thing To Do:

I want you to make your Mom a MOTHER'S DAY gift! This can be homemade with lots of love and kisses! You can make her a card, you can make her a picture! 

Here are some VIDEOS you could do for HOMEMADE art pictures!