Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Wednesday May 6

Happy Wednesday! We are going to ZOOM today! We will be doing another scavenger hunt, but I would LOVE for you to bring your book from yesterday to show our class what we all are reading!

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Colorful paint splashes font letter k Royalty Free Vector Kindness day! Do an act of kindness for someone (pick up the toys without asking, helping around the house with being told too, playing with your brother or sister, draw a picture to make somebody smile) 


3-D shapes! These would be pages 227-230 in your book! That is a lot of pages, but you can pick and choose which ones you want to work on! 


We would have written in our journal 3 times this week! But I think that it is ok! Today I want you to write about things that make you happy! I would love for it to be 3-4 sentences! 

is what I feel when I play Scrabble. Or eat dark chocolate. Or hug ...

My journal: 
Things that would make me happy would be my daughters for sure! They know how to make me laugh by some of the stuff they say. Another thing that makes me happy would be chocolate. I also am very happy watching a tv-show with my family. Sometimes my dogs Rylee and Koda make me happy, but that is ok!