Monday, May 20, 2019

Where Did May Go?!

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Not really me crying, but I feel this!
As I am looking back and realizing how we only have 9 days left, I realized I have not posted in a while! I apologize! This month, we wrapped up most of the curriculum! I still had so much I wanted to teach the kiddos, but I get more sad when I see them getting ready to move on to Second grade!

Take a look at what we learned throughout the year, and at the end of some of the paragraphs and they give you some ideas you can work on this summer with your official second grader.


For math, the students have grown TREMENDOUSLY with addition and subtraction facts up to 20.  They know how to use non-standardized units of measurement. Shapes was a favorite in the classroom! They also know how to add and subtract to 100 using a regrouping pattern (which I called borrowing in the class) and no regrouping patterns!

Some things I might work on in the classroom are word problems! They have a great understanding of a word problem, but once they pick up on those words that mean add/subtract, they will have such an easier time with those word problems!
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Also I would work on memorization of addition and subtraction facts up to 20! Yes, they can still use their fingers, but math would go faster if they have those key concepts memorized!

Language Arts/Reading/Phonics/Writing

Some things we worked on this year was reading OUT LOUD! That is a biggie that I find to be one of the hardest things for my students to promote fluency and expression in reading. I know they can read it in their heads when we focused on comprehending what we were reading, but being able to read it out loud the students ended up getting frustrated.

For phonics, we worked very hard on diagraphs (two letters together making one sound th/sh/ph/ck/ch/wh) We also worked on long vowel and short vowel sounds as I had several students who still needed help distinguishing between vowel sounds, so keep working on those vowel sounds over summer, and you are going to be rockstars this summer!

Another item I would focus on this summer would be letter formation and writing "neater". I have some students who would really benefit with a writing pad from the Dollar Tree and it would help increase their writing ability by having neater handwriting!
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Science and Social Studies 

For these classes, everybody worked so hard in class and I loved how excited they were when we were going to do all these fun science projects and social studies events! They are truly amazing students for grasping on to these ideas! 


We have been working on prayers and learning some amazing stories of Jesus that we also hear about in Mass. I encourage the students to keep working on their prayers and remembering to pray every night! I hope the 5 Finger Prayer helps our students to remember who we should pray for every night!

Wrapping UP!

Since this will be my last post in the blog, I wanted to thank you for an amazing year and letting me be their teacher! I have loved every second in this classroom and I can't wait to see where Jesus takes their hearts', because they all have such amazing abilities and beautiful souls that I can't wait to see! 

 Tuesday 5/21: Super Fun Field Day (this is moved to Thursday)
Wednesday 5/22  Field trip to Xavier to see "Sleeping Beauty"
Thursday 5/23 Under Day, and now Field Day 
Friday 5/24 Mass and Video Day
Monday 5/27 No School-Memorial Day
Tuesday 5/28-Water Balloon Day (pray for warm weather!)
Wednesday 5/29 Xchange Autographs
Thursday 5/30 Field Trip to the RailRoad Museum 
Friday 5/31 Last Day of my first graders-now second graders, Mass, Early release

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