Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Wednesday, May 13

1:Happy Wednesday! YAY ZOOM MEETING TODAY at 1:00 PM! See you THERE!! Remember your favorite stuffed animal!

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Cartoon Letter P | Woo! Jr. Kids ActivitiesPajama Day! Wear your Pajamas ALL day! (One of my favorite days!)


Focus on what we have learned so far! This is pages 235-236! 

You guys are doing an AMAZING job! I am always SUPER PROUD of you! 

First Grade Math Unit 14 Measurement | First grade math, 1st grade ...
Just a picture for reference! 

Here is a fun game I found! Blakley LOVES playing this measuring game! Measuring Game


Today for your journal, I want you to write about your favorite animal! Why is it your favorite animal? Where does it live? 

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My Journal:
My favorite animal is a horse! I love how big and graceful they look and act! I also love playing with them when I am at my cousins farm! I know there are some wild horses, but the horses I get to play with are at my cousins house and at my friends barn! They love to eat apples and neigh when they are happy!