Friday, September 7, 2018

First Week Sept 3-7

What an amazing first week! We had a great time getting to learn a lot about our friends, making new friends, and even connecting to friends through outside of school activities!

On Tuesday, Sept 18, we will have our first math test! Please help your son or daughter plan for this. We are working on number partners up to 10, and some of them are having a hard time understanding that two smaller numbers make up a larger number, and by showing it. (2 + 4 = 6, and the two parts are 2 and 4 making the whole 6)
This math curriculum sure does focus on a strong understanding of math partners, as it will help us down the road with larger numbers and decomposing those numbers as well.

For reading, I request that ALL parents read with their child for at least 10 minutes a night! This helps the students really start to love to read when they are doing it with somebody close to them. This is a way we become better readers, by practicing and reading at home.

Writing and Our Pet Snake Starlight 

We have a new class "pet". Her name is Starlight, and she is a stuffed animal snake! Each weekend our helper of the week gets to take her home and have a great weekend with her! The student will journal about it and read about the fun weekend on Monday when we come back. I can't wait to hear about ALL the adventures Starlight gets to go on! You make include pictures and drawings, but please have your child write at least 1/2 a page. This will help bridge the gap from school to home and back again, and hopefully create this amazing love of writing!

Starlight can't wait to see everybody's home!

Some upcoming events for St. Edward's
Important Dates:
    7th - Mass 8:15am
   12th - K- 5th grade field trip to Special Memories Zoo 
   14th- Mass 8:15am
   20th - Back to School Night - 5:30pm
   21st - Mass 8:15am with adoration after
   28th - Mass 8:15am - Early Release at 11:30am (no lunch, after care is provided if register)

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