Thursday, September 20, 2018



In science, we are learning about animals! We are looking at what animals need to survive, how they are covered, habitats, and even animal babies! Soon we will be able to classify animals based on different traits, and will be able to write a report together! 

The pictures are of the students who wanted to participate in how animals move!! Can you guess on some of our animals? 

As you scroll through the pictures, keep reading out what is going on in our classroom!


We just finished up our first unit test! The students BLEW my mind out of the water! We worked on number partners and I am so proud of all the hard work! They sure showed those number partners who is boss! 

This upcoming unit will be about addition and different ways to show addition strategies and how to solve a story problem!

Social Studies:

We are looking at our own communities and how WE can become better citizens and help out! Jesus would want us to help where we can! And that is what we are going to be discussing for the rest of the month!


We are really working hard on the sign of the cross on our bodies! You can help your child by having them use their right hand to show the sign! 


Starting next week (September 24) we are going to be working in small reading groups and be coming home with books that we practiced in the classroom! These books should be read out loud and your child should read it to you! The books match their reading level, and we will be working on gaining deeper understanding of the text and figuring out how to solve new words!


We write DAILY in our journals! Ask your child about what they wrote that day! A LOT of my students are very creative with their story telling! It gets me very excited to see what else our young authors are going to come up with!

 Assignment Notebooks and Spelling!

Your child will come home Monday-Thursday with their assignment notebook! I would love if you would check over their homework and sign it! They earn "fuzzies" towards a classroom party! 

I plan on sending home a spelling packet on Monday's with the expectation it is due back on Friday morning! They can turn it in early! But we are working very hard at becoming more responsible and this is one way to do it! Just complete a page a night (it is only 3 pages, so 3 nights of spelling) on days that work for you and you can turn it in and make the most of the rest of the day! I will no longer be writing spelling homework in the assignment notebooks! 

 Some Important Dates in September:

   21st - Mass 8:15am with adoration after; KIds Fun  Run at Fox Cities Stadium
   28th - Mass 8:15am - Early Release at 11:30am (no lunch, after care is provided if you register for after care)
 Thank you for helping with everything in the classroom and at home! I greatly appreciate the students so much with their manners to their jokes!

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