Thursday, February 7, 2019

Finally February!

I can not BELIEVE it is February already! I have so much more stuff I want to get to the students, that I can't believe how fast January went by! I also can't believe how incredibly hard the students are working and growing! I remember them on the first day of school and was just as excited for them as I am now to continue to watch them grow!

Thank you also for keeping up with the reading binders! The GROWTH I have seen in ALL of my students amaze me EVERY day! I am just blown away by all the progress I see with my kiddos! Thank you again!

Parent teacher conferences are among us, if you feel the need to meet with me, please get a hold of me! I am available that week, so email me and we can set up a time! I look forward to the conferences!


We are taking a break from addition and subtraction facts to 100! I would highly encourage you to continue to work on flash cards with the students, but there are also tons of online resources that can help the students!
We are working on measuring and comparing and contrasting the length and weight of different objects! This week we measured ourselves with a non-standard unit of measurements, from our shoes up to using cubes, chains and even BEARS! The students loved it! They also made sense of the information too--which is astonishing! I had one group tell me " Well student a measured at 23 cubes, and student b measured at 25 cubes, which means that student b is taller!" Then when the stood up next to each other, sure enough--they witnessed the difference!!
Using bears to see how long we are! 

Whoops--too many! Take off some chains!

Perfect way to measure! 

Combine our two towers to make one big tower!

Counting our dominoes, seeing who is tallest!

Language Arts/Phonics/Writing:

We are working in small groups for our guided reading and writing! With this, we work on core concepts from what is the author trying to tell us, to why do you think the author used that word? Is there another word that fits there? The students have grown AMAZING in this department, all because of the continued support at home! Those daily binders really are working wonders in the classroom and I can't wait to see where we end up at the end of the year! So far, everybody has gone up in one or two reading levels! 
We are also focusing on glued sounds, am/all/an, and how wherever they appear in a word, they will make the same sound! 
For our writing, we are learning how to answer questions using words in our questions! This is a big step, but we are still focusing on letter formation! We are STILL working on proper sentences, but they have learned about nouns, verbs and adjectives! They are coming up with some creative sentences! 
Next few weeks we will be focusing on ang/ing/ong/ung blends! 
Some students still need to work on their short/long vowel sounds, but by the end of the year, they will have mastered these skills! 


We are working on the sun unit this week, we have been talking about what the sun does for us, and how we need to protect ourselves! 

Social Studies:

We are finishing up our Community unit! We learned about how natural resources grow around us and how we utilize these in our own homes! According to A LOT of my students, many of them have a fun tree-house made out of wood! I was quite impressed! 


We are working on prayers, and focusing on saying all 16 words of the sign of the cross. Many students rush through this, so that is my goal for the next two weeks! 

Upcoming dates:
     8th - Mass 8:15am
    11th - Home and School Meeting 7pm
    12th - Get Active for 2nd - 5th grade 3-4pm
    14th - Field Trip to Luv 2 Play 9:30am - 1:30pm; Get Active for 4k - 1st grade 3-4pm
    15th - Mass 8:15am
    19th - Funset Boulevard family night 4-7; Get Active 2nd - 5th grades 3-4pm.  
    21st - Get Active 4k - 1st grades 3-4pm
    22nd - No School

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