Wednesday, February 20, 2019

More Snow?!

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It is BACK! That dreadful snow (dreadful to me, awesome for the students!)! The students are even more excited than I am! The students had informed me that for music-they are getting ready for the Spring show, and I can tell you now, the songs are very catchy!

If you would also like to sign up for a conference, please feel free to email me or let me know! I am happy to meet with you when we can! My door is always open!

Please remember to send the students with hats, mittens, snow pants, boots, and a winter coat! This has actually been a very great group to remember everything!

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Don't forget to sign up for the fish fry on Friday's during Lent! It is always a blast to work with everybody! I always heard "many hands makes light work!"


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A VERY big thank you for continuing to do the students daily reading! I am VERY (and I do mean VERY) proud of all of my students because I have seen such tremendous growth in their reading abilities, their comprehension skills, and their ability to answer questions using text information! 

Parents it is amazing to see their smiles every time I test them on their reading, and when I ask them "why" and they have such amazing answers! I couldn't do it without the amazing support at home! 


This unit we are going to be focusing on numbers from 1-40! I tried to do this earlier, but with numbers up to 100, and I realized that was TOO  much for my firsties! So I decided to take a step back and focus on smaller chunks of the numbers. By the end of first grade, students should be able to identify numbers up to 300! But they should be able to identify tens and ones from numbers up to 99!

So that is our MAIN focus this chapter! Tens and Ones from 1-40, comparing the numbers, and placing them correctly on a number line! 

Here I sent home this math memory game! Play with your son or daughter to help encourage their math brains!

Reading/Language Arts/Writing:

We are focusing on writing better paragraphs! I am trying to get them to become MORE creative with their sentences (going from "I like cows. I like pigs. I like summer." to explaining WHY, in their words "I like cows because they remind me of giant puppies. Summer is my favorite because I get to go play outside making wonderful sandcastles, etc") 

We are also focusing on adjectives! We have mastered nouns, verbs and now let's tackle adjectives! 

In small guided reading groups, we are focusing on strategies that makes us better readers when we come across words we don't know, and sounding out our words in order to write them correctly!

We are ALSO focusing on penmanship! Please help work on this at home! Letter reversals still happen, and that is ok, I am focusing on my tall letters should be tall, and my small letters should be small! I have MANY students who have STUPENDOUS writing, I would still love to see some more work being done at home, while using our reading homework. 


We will be looking at the moon and the sky, and comparing and contrasting the day time and night time! We will be painting our own moons using shaving cream and glue! I can not WAIT to see how they turn out!
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 We will also be looking at simple machines within the next week or two! I am VERY eager about that one!
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Social Studies:

We are wrapping our community economics! FINALLY! Have a chat with your son or daughter to discuss how they can better help others in our community! While you're shopping, feel free to point out good and services and naturally made food!


We will be working out of our book! Chapter 17 to be exact! I will also be introducing ONE children's story out of the Bible each week! I am hoping that it will make my students more eager to read from the Bible with our parents!

Upcoming dates: 

    21st - Get Active 4k - 1st grades 3-4pm
    22nd - No School

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