Saturday, March 30, 2019

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Not going to lie, I have been waiting ALL winter long for this! What an exciting time now! We have two VERY short months left, and I am so excited for all the students as I watch them grow and turn into some very impressive almost second graders! (Can I put a halt on that? I don't want to watch them leave first grade!)
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With that being said, WELCOME SPRING! Finally! Now we will pray for NO snow during this April, as my aunt has pointed out, it has happened several times in the past years with snow in April. The students and I are praying for that to be false this year!

Back to school--thank you for continuing to read out of the homework binder! The fluency, comprehension and confidence is growing in each and every child! It is blowing me out of the water! I am so proud of them!

Blooming Bonanza! Image result for galaxy jars

Good news! The first grade has decided on Galaxy Jars! They are essentially calm down jars, and we are looking for some parents to help donate! 
We are in need of :
  1. glass jars with lids
  2. Cotton Balls (we need a LOT of cotton balls)
  3. silver glitter ( we need A LOT of glitter, different sizes and shapes!)
  4. holographic stars
  5. pink tempera paint
  6. purple tempera paint
  7. blue tempera paint
Thank you for your donations! This is going to be a fun science experiment! 

Math: Image result for telling time anchor chart  Image result for coin poem

The next two weeks we are going to be taking a break from numbers up to 120! I suggest you still focus on how to add two digit numbers with two digit numbers, but more importantly subtraction problems with regrouping (borrowing) from the tens place! Many students struggle with this, but with your continued support, they will grow and master this skill! 

However, taking a break from adding and subtracting, we are going to be focusing on Telling time to the hour and half hour, and we are going to be working on identifying coins and how to add the coins up! I have a chart in the classroom that will help them become super successful, but even you can help out at home! You can have your child grab you the correct amount of change (grab $0.80 or $0.55) with helping with the skip counting! They will do fantastic and I can't wait to see them grow with their math knowledge! 

Estimating with our hands instead of our eyes! 


We will be working with our 5 senses these next two weeks! 
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Social Studies:

We are going to be working on Geography and looking at maps and using keys! 

Language Arts/Reading/Phonics:

We will still continue to work on our binders! Practice makes perfect with our fluency and comprehension! For reading in small groups, I will be continuing  to meet with them daily and focus on their skill level! For phonics, we are working on r controlled vowels, ar/or/ir/er/ur.  To help with the r controlled sounds, I have attached a picture/chart that we use in the classroom with Fundations! What you have the students do is state the letters, say the picture, then the sound! We have been working on these for one week, so they still may need help! Image result for r controlled vowels fundations


We are still working on understanding the Lent process. They have made goals of items that they have given up for Lent and I pray they continue!  They are understanding the stations of the cross and the journey Jesus went through. Image result for easter religion

Important Dates:

     5 - Mass 8:15am
    12th - Mass 8:15am; Early Release 11:30am - No aftercare .
    15th - 19th - No School - Spring Break
    21st - Easter Sunday
    22nd - K - 5th No School; 4k am has school, no extended day or after care
    26th - Mass 8:15am

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