Tuesday, March 19, 2019

SUN! Yes, that is right, SUN!

Finally, I can see the end of this long winter! Hoping April doesn't bring more snow showers, because I am praying for the warmth!

Thank you again parents for continuing to work on our daily homework binders! The amazing growth I have seen in students is stupendous! I can't believe how awesome my students are getting at being able to read so many words in a minute and on top of that comprehending them like no tomorrow!
They are actually comprehending what we read in class! So thank you from the bottom of my heart, because I can see my students' continuing to shine bright!

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We are working on our next chapter--Numbers to 120 and we are doing that for two weeks! I give each student a preassessment to see what they know! Next chapter is adding and subtracting to 120! The students have been working super hard to understand two digit subtraction! I would suggest we keep working on that at home! They have done fantastic!

Language Arts/Phonics/Writing:

I have adapted and added some new writing gears into my classroom! We are now working on journals that have a starter sentences for them, so they can restate the question that is asked! We are still working in small groups to ensure student success! Keep up with reading with your child!

Social Studies:

We have wrapped up our Community Helpers lesson, and now we are going to focus on Geography! We will be diving into how different tools help us to observe the world, and we are looking at different types of maps to help us explore our globe! 


For science, we are working on Simple Machines this next week! We have created our own simple machines in the classroom! We have utilized my computer desk with wheels to see if it was easier to move our friends using that chair, or if it was easier to push them on the ground (while sitting). Consensus was-chair was easier with the wheels! 

We also made our own lever system, and ending up launching our eraser across the room! We experimented by moving the fulcrum!


We celebrated Ash Wednesday by going to Mass and having the ashes placed upon us! For some of my students, this was the first time, and I was so excited for them!

We are also learning about Easter coming up and why we celebrate Lent. All of the students have set a goal for themselves for what they are giving up for Lent! Some said candy, others said not thinking negative, I have personally given up french fries (since I go our to eat so much) We painted these pictures for the fish fry! So I hope you enjoy them both here and at our fish fries on Fridays!

Important Dates:

     20th - Mass 8:15am; 
    22nd - No School - Teacher Inservice
    27th - Mass 8:15am
    28th- Early release - No 4k Extended day or after care
    29th - No School

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