Friday, September 27, 2019

Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Chapman "Johnny Appleseed" was born on September 26, 1774! Yesterday, the first graders celebrated ALL things apple! We made our own applesauce, we looked at the differences in apples, and we got to even got to go apple bobbing for our own apple for our own caramel apples! I hope your child enjoyed the apple-licious day!

Aj CAUGHT the apple!

Aj bobbing away!

Blake bobbing! 

Blake caught it! 

Liam tried hard!

Liam ALMOST had it! 

McKenna trying hard! 

Parker was going hard for it! 

Our NEWEST Packer fan caught it (in his hands)

Go Pria go!

Very close, but our hands caught it! 

Next onto making the applesauce! 

Most of them liked the applesauce, and that is ok! I am very proud that we all worked together to add the ingredients and helped with smashing and scooping of the apples! 

Finished up our day with making pans for our head just like Johnny Appleseed wore in the tall tale we heard! 

My own little "Appleseeds"

Have a great weekend! 

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