Wednesday, September 25, 2019

September Flew By

Hard to believe that next week starts October! I know that I am ready for the weather change, however, I will miss my warm, summer days! We are working hard on our manners in this classroom! I highly encourage you to ensure that your child is using them! Please and thank you's will go a long way in the real world, and I am hoping that they continue to use them!


In science this past week, we have learned about living and nonliving items that are in our neighborhood. We discussed what classifies living and what they need in order to survive. We discussed that just because a living item can't move, doesn't mean it isn't living (trees was a shocker!)

Then we had our VERY first science experiment--and it failed! Thanks Pintrest! But not to worry-our next science experience will work, as I have done it 100s of times before!

Thought it was going to blow up-nope! Supposed to act as a lava lamp! 

No clue what we were going to do with our bottles! 

Social Studies:

In social studies, we are still working on Being a Good Citizen, we have talked about why we have rules and laws in our school and in our neighborhood! We also discussed what it means to make good choices! 


We finished up our first unit! The class did an AMAZING job with this first unit, which was kindergarten review! Now our next unit is adding up to 20! We will be working with number partners and equations-which your students are becoming pros at, since we do this everyday for calendar and our number of the day!

Writing/Language Arts/Reading/Phonics:

We are working on what are nouns and verbs! Nouns are people, places, things and animals, and verbs are words that we can see people doing. The students sure are getting a hang for this, and it is making me quite proud! We use our bodies to show off verbs, and we have been playing a lot of Charades to help us create new verb ideas for our writing! 

Writing, we are working on our pictures are telling a story! We have been working very hard to sound out our words! So please MAKE sure that you let your children write down the sounds that they hear! This is developmentally appropriate at this age for them to write out "people" as p-e-p-l. Those are the sounds that they hear, and those are the sounds that I encourage they write down. They are only 6/7 years old! They have their whole life to learn the correct spelling of the most popular words! 

Reading, I encourage to continue to work on the binder lists! They are simple now, but they will get harder! The binder lists encourage them to master sight words! Sight list one is kindergarten review! I am very proud of how hard they are working and I applaud them at their efforts! Please keep this up! 

Also I sent home a note with two online apps/games: Teach Your Monster To Read and Raz-Kids. BOTH of these resources are very beneficial for your child to help them master reading skills! I highly encourage that instead of playing games online or watching youtube, that they work on these games as they both can be fun and engaging! Especially teach your monster to read! 

Phonics we are working hard on short vowel a sounds and short vowel families! Have them point out some familiar words while you're reading to them!


We are working on what it looks like at Mass! We are still working on prayers! 

Some Important Dates:

 27th - Mass 8:15am - Early Release at 11:30am (no lunch, after care is provided if registered)/ 4K Am attends school today, but not extended 4K.)
2nd-Kindergarten and First are going to Little Farmer. Remember to PACK a DISPOSABLE lunch! We leave at 9:00 am and will return around 2:45pm. 
4th-Mass 8:15
11th-Mass 8:15
18th-Mass 8:15
23rd: Mass 8;15
24th: Early Release 11:30. teacher in-service
25th: No school
30th: Last Day of Quarter 1
31st: Halloween

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