Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

I just wanted to start out with what I am most thankful for, and it I am most thankful for my students, the parents of my students and the staff at St. Edward's! I sure did miss my wonderful students, and I wanted to say a great huge THANK YOU to the parents for helping the students achieve and grow while I was gone. The second I came back, my heart just exploded because being is here is exactly what I needed, all the hugs and the love from the students made my days brighter!

As you can see, our daily number was SIXTY!! So the students had created their equations and got to draw a thankful turkey! They are all so creative!


We have been focusing on addition of bigger numbers with place value concepts! This is realizing the hundreds place, the tens place, and the ones place! We will continue to work on these up until January as this is a hard concept for some of the students to grasp! I have faith they will do amazing things!


We are working on our writing skills! I have several students who are really ramping up their neat handwriting, making sure our "tall" letters reach the top and bottom, while our "underground" letters reach down below! I still have students who are struggling with their writing letters correctly, within the next few weeks, I will be sending home more writing packets for those students, in the letters that they need work on! Please help them at home by encouraging neat handwriting.

Phonics, we are working on glued sounds, so far we have covered an and am (fan/ham)! We have gone over diagraphs of ch/th/sh/ck/wh. I suggest reviewing these sounds with the students! Some students should review sh/ch! That seems to be a hard concept to grasp, which we are constantly reviewing in the classroom!

Reading, we should still be working on binder homework with the students! Starting in January, I might change this up a bit and start a different type of daily reading assignment! All that I am trying to do is to have our students have a greater understanding and grasping of the sight words and reading for fluency and fun! I am working on everybody getting up to grade level, but I can not do that at school alone! I am highly encouraging all parents to read with and to their child! Have your child even pick out sight words that they recognize or have them read a sentence and you read a sentence!

Social Studies:

We are starting my favorite unit! Holidays around the world! I love learning about the different cultures and traditions from our every day experiences, and we will be making some fun crafts with the students to help share the beautiful holidays!


For science, we tend to take a "break" from our traditional science lessons, and instead we do some STEM science experiments and activities! Of course, they are winter and Christmas related, so I am sure the students are going to love doing these! I will end up needing some donations of some items, so be on the look out for that letter coming home in December! 


It is the start of ADVENT! So we will be focusing on that during the next few weeks! They will be coming home with a weekly advent activity that can be done at home! 

Important Dates:

 1-Start of Advent
6- Mass at 8:15, choir sings
9-Mass at 8:15, students are attending
13-Mass at 8:15
19-Christmas Program, 10:00am and  6:00 pm
20-Mass at 8:15, choir sings. Adoration after Mass
24- Christmas Eve
25-Christmas Day
31-New Years Eve

January 2020
1-New Years Day
6-First Day back at school! 

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