Saturday, December 7, 2019

Have Yourself a Merry Little December!

We are well on our way in December to learning about what the season truly is all about. I had students' write a letter to Jesus about what makes them happy, and I am glad to say that we had a discussion in class and we have realized all that Jesus's love has given us!

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We are working on numbers up to 100! We have been learning to count on from 10's numbers. When we see a ten-stick or ten frame, we can count by 10's and then count onto the ones! It goes something like this, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 51. So for some fun practice at home, make any numbers from 20-99! Using lines and circles! Lines represent 10, and circles represent 1! So if you wanted to draw a 36, I would draw 3 ten sticks and 6 ones! 

In class, we play this game and they are ALL rocking it! 

Language Arts/Phonics/Writing/Reading:

For language Arts we are working on some grammar lessons! We have focused on nouns, verbs, adjectives! We will be working on adverbs and working on forming very well written sentences using all of our grammar rules! Still help your child write sentences with reminders, let them spell the best they can! They are not going to learn their best if you are telling them how to spell all the words correctly--I want them to believe in themselves as writers and you can help achieve them this by allowing them to sound out the words using the spelling rules we have been working on! 

Phonics, we have worked on diagraphs (ch, sh, ck, wh, th) and focused on some glued sounds (am, an, all) we will soon be working on long vowel sounds! This will include double vowels in the middle (a_e, ai, ay) We will be focusing on long a first! They have made TREMENDOUS progress on their short vowel sounds! Keep working on this with them! 

Writing, we are focusing on Writing For a Reason! It will be all about persuasive writing and looking at our resources for ideas that we can write about! This will go into January for our writing project! 

Reading, our daily reading will now be Fluency Passages! We will read the same passage twice, and answer questions each time! Some answer 2 questions per reading, some will answer 1 question! Look for the information in the binder homework. Some students also have additional practice pages in the back on their binder--Please work on their handwriting pages! I want them to have beautiful writing at the end of first grade and we have already done handwriting practice in class, I believe these students will benefit from more practice! I know I can read their handwriting, but I know that they will be able to grow with more practice! 


For the month of December, we will be working on STEM projects! All science experiments are going to be fun and exciting for the students! I know they will like making predictions and observations! 

Social Studies:

We have been and will continue to look at Holidays Around the World. We have done Germany (Christmas and Saint Nicholas), Italy (La Benefana) and next week, we are going to focus on Sweden (Saint Lucia Day) and India (Diwalli) and Israel (Hanukkah) and finish out the week with Christmas in Australia! We have been comparing and contrasting the traditions from the other cultures we are learning about, to our own culture! We have even discovered within our classroom that we have different traditions among us! It is so fascinating to hear about all of them! 


We are working on our own Advent calendar! We have learned about Advent and the special meanings of the wreath and the candles we "light" each week. 

There was also an advent activity sent home this week in the family folder! Talk to your child about the special prayers about the person they picked! 


I usually never write about art, but December is a very crafty season! We "puffy-painted" snowman and Christmas trees! 

Upcoming Dates:

      6th - St. Nicholas Day!  Mass 8:15am
      11th - No school for 4k
      13th - Mass 8:15am; 4K in session
      19th - Christmas Program 10am and 6pm
      20th - Mass 8:15am
      21st - January 5th  Christmas Break!!  No School!!

Have a blessed week! Keep discussing with your child all about the reason for the season and keep reminding them to do great things! They truly are an amazing group of kids and I am truly lucky to have them in my class everyday! 

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