Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Catholic Schools Week= Success!

This past week was Catholic School's week and it was amazing! I was so excited to see the kids dressed up and enjoying the fun filled days! Coming up we are getting ready for February and we are going to get ready for some parent-teacher conferences.

Monday: We had the Leukemia Hop in the morning, and then a read-a-thon in the afternoon! We dressed up as Book Characters! 

Tuesday: It was dress as an Athlete day! I had cheer leaders and a baseball, football and karate kids in my classroom! We also got to hang with our book buddies, instead of reading, we played with our math tubs! 

Wednesday, we went to Luv to Play! We got to dress comfy and it was amazing! This place is such a hit! 

Thursday: We got to dress up as Disney characters! This would be the ONE day I forgot to take pictures! But we also saw MANY of our friends at Funset Blvd! It was so fun seeing everybody playing and riding those bumper cars! 

Friday: We had Grandparents day! I want to thank all the grandma's and grandpa's for coming and hanging with my amazing friends! I was so excited to meet each and every one of them! 

Be on the look out for my blog next week to see what we are working on in February! 

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