Friday, March 20, 2020

Lenten Window to Color for Good Deeds--printer needed (but not to worry)

Ok, So I have tried to figure out if I could do this! It works when I click on it, but will it work when the parents click on it....that is the BETTER question?! (This would require a printer, so I am just trying to see what I can do with links!)

Attached in the this link below is a lenten stained glass window, that each time one of my firsties does a good deed, they get to color in one part of the picture.

Lenten Stained Glass Window

Click the link above and if it works YAY, if it doesn't--I am learning!

If you have a printer-YAY, if not, no worries! I am just having fun while I am learning too!

I am posting praying hands to remind my amazing students to remember to pray for somebody else! I have been praying for my students daily!

Image result for praying hands

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