Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Snow, Snow, Go Away!

Parents! I am so excited to see that it is finally March! However, what is that white stuff? Yuck! Was not a happy surprise to wake up too!

I love how far the students have come in their growing and math skills! They make me so proud every day watching them grow and discuss and discover new ideas!

We will be coming up to Spring Break soon, where I am hoping everybody remains happy and healthy! As with any large break, we will be wrapping up MANY units so be prepared for all these tests, but I have so much confidence in my students, that they are going to blow it all out of the water!

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If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me! I am available to help! As always, thank you for allowing me to teach your children! They sure do make my days go by so much faster due to their smiles and laughs and their amazing ability to really connect with each other and our lord!


We will be finishing up our shapes unit! We have focused on a tough topic with adding and subtracting within 100, that shapes was a nice transition into something simple. We worked with 2-d shapes and 3-d shapes and discussed different attributes about all of them! Next Wednesday, we will be finishing up our unit with a shapes test! They have discussed real world shapes (ice cream cones, basketballs, the great pyramids) and created a shape book!

We also played a "Head-Bandz" game that involved shapes and the students had to ask about vertices, edges! Check out my pictures!

Language Arts/Writing/Phonics/Reading:

For language arts, we are going to be finishing up working on ABC order! This gets to be tricky and not many people truly realize that this is indeed a skill! When we come back from break, we will be working on contractions! I am very excited at how much my students are going to fly through these weeks! 

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Writing is going to be finishing up our research report! Right now, Ebenezer Squeezer has not eaten in almost 2 months, so a trip to the vet is going to happen on Monday, and hoping he says that everything is ok! If everything is ok, keep track for the paperwork coming home in order for the students to hold him! But we are working hard on our research using our online resources, a lovely online resource that has a ton of books! It is called "getepic" and we have a class login code to help read the books! They also have some very nice leveled readers for your child's eager minds! Send me an email to grab the code, however, I did send one worksheet home with it, so I am happy to do that again!

Research AWAY! 
Phonics we are moving on from glued sounds ang, ing, ong, ung, ank, ink, onk, unk, and now we will be working on blends! They are growing in their ability to write some AMAZING words just by slowing down and listening to ALL the sounds! 

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Reading is more around just continuing to read when you can! Have the kids read to you and you read to them, it is such a great bonding experience that they will cherish and hopefully pass down to when they are parents themselves (but that is MANY MOONS away and after college and all that)!


We are discussing Easter and Lent and why they are so important to our faith. We have discussed how important Jesus is in our life and how we can help make Jesus proud for the choices we are making! 

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We will be looking at flower parts and how they grow! We are also going to be looking at some flower pots that I have and watch our own flowers grow! Each student will be responsible for his plant and will be taking notes as we observe how they grow! I am very excited for them to bring them home in April! Just in time for those perfect rain showers! 

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Social Studies:

We will be finishing up this unit next Wednesday! We have learned about Community Economics and about saving and spending our money and why we have jobs and just SO many to list! Ask your child what they spent in our classroom via their own "piggy bank", they really focused on making good choices! However, we have been working on this in my classroom with our Friesen Cash handling! They have become very thrifty with their spending and saving up for what they really want (which is to hold Eddie and Frankie Guinea Pigs)

Coming Up:

    12th - 9am Stations of the Cross at church
    13th - Mass 8:15am; 4k in session
    18th - 12:30pm Stations of the Cross at church; 
    20th - Mass 8:15am; Early release at 11:30am; No aftercare
    23- 27th - SPRING BREAK!!  NO SCHOOL!
    31st - Llama, Llama play for 3k - 1st grades 12:30pm

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