Thursday, February 27, 2020

March Comes in Like a Lamb....Will it Leave Like a Lion? (I hope not)

Oh I HOPE so! I am so hoping to be done with winter, even the students' understand my hatred for this awful weather! Ok, so it is not TOTALLY awful, I am just not a fan of the temperatures! How can we make it warmer? Ohhhh how I can't wait till Spring Break!


For our service project, the whole school will take ALL the donations we can, but first grade is collecting TOOTH PASTE! I highly encourage headed to the dollar tree and grabbing some tooth paste from there! All donations are going to be so appreciated!

We will be collecting till April.

These are for hygiene boxes for the homeless shelter, and the kids will truly feel blessed to be apart of such an amazing experience.

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Language Arts/Phonics/Reading/Writing

For language arts, we will be working on subject-verb agreement! We will be completing this in class! 

Phonics, we will be moving along from the l-blend words to some r-controlled vowels! How we do these in class are we teach ar and or together, A.R , car /ar/. O.R., horn, /or/. The er, ir, ur all make the same sound, so this ends up becoming about memorization of the spelling patterns! I wish there was an easier way to teach that, but it will come with time! I promise you! 
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Reading, all the students are growing and I am becoming SO excited to see where this takes them by the end of the year! Their comprehension has come along tremendously and their fluency grows EVERY DAY! We will still be focusing on sounding out unfamiliar words, and be working with some new patterns, particularly the long vowels! Some of my friends are working on mastering the magic e rule! 
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For writing, we are finishing up our talks about our All About Animals books! Next thing to do is the "research" for our animals! This will be done at school! Their All About Books are going to end the unit come March 20th, with everything typed on the computer. I am hoping to bring in my pet snake for the end of the unit finale! However, he seems to not want to be eating lately, so Ebenzer Squeezer should HOPEFULLY have eaten by then, so the students can all hold him! 

Keep your eyes out for that note coming home and me asking for permission! 

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This is like my ball python! So CUTE! 


Math, we are finishing up double digit addition and subtraction! We have focused on regrouping and not regrouping! Tuesday we will have our unit test, and our next chapter is my favorite! SHAPES! All about 2-d and 3-d shapes! We will look at how many sides and how many points are in each shape! 

I am asking for some donations of old, school appropriate magazines for me to have so the students can find real world examples of these in our life! Thank you for any and all donations. 

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We just finished up our unit on the seasons! Next unit we will be working on is the weather! This happens to also be my favorite lessons to teach because I am a crazy weather person! I love getting to witness how tornadoes are formed and watching the rain fall! (Yes, I dislike winter/snow BUT the students LOVE that they get to play with the snow in the classroom...whoops did I just mention that). 

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Social Studies

We continue to work with our community economics! We discussed in class how we can reduce our carbon footprint on the Earth and discussed ways we can help out at home also! Hard to pick up garbage outside, but they are very eager to help the environment the best they can! 

We should be finishing up this unit by Spring break! 


Lent was upon us on Wednesday for Ash Wednesday! The students discussed what we are going to "give up" during the Lenten Season, we also talked about how we don't have to necessarily always talk about what to give up but what we could do instead to help out. 

I told them I am giving up potatoes and I am going to be walking every night! Those were my Lenten goals! Ask your son or daughter what they have decided to give up for Lent! 

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Up coming Dates

    28th - Mass 8:15am 
   3rd - Get Active make-up for 2nd - 5th grades
   6th - Mass 8:15am, Fish Fry 4:30-7:00pm
   12th-Stations of the Cross 9:00am
   13th-Mass 8:15, Fish Fry 4:30-7:00
    16th-Home and School Meeting 7:00pm
    17th-Feast of St. Patrick
    18th-Stations of the Cross 12:40pm
    20th-Mass 8:15, Kindergarten and First Grade sing, Early  Dismissal 11:30
    23rd-27th, Spring Break
    31st, End of 3rd Quarter, 3k-1st to PAC 

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