Thursday, March 19, 2020

Thursday March 19, 2020

Yesterday's trivia answer: Woody! Nice job!

Ok boys and girls, day 3! Today we are going to look at a STEM project! This is something you can do with your brothers and sisters! I would LOVE for you to make a bridge! Now there are different types of bridges, and yours does not have to have an arch. I just want to see what we can create! 

I would love for parents to send in pictures! Send them to my email so I can upload them to my blog!

Can you make a bridge out of some house hold items? 
Some examples could be: books, blocks, cards, toothpicks, dominoes, cups etc.

Image result for bridge of toothpicks
 I did not make this, I found this picture!

Here is a video about different types of bridges! 

Happy building! 

Look at what McKenna did today!
I LOVE your bridge!

Blake has a nice looking bridge!
 I LOVE how creative it is! 

Happy Easter from Blake and his bridge!! 

Oh look at Aj's! He has his cars on top of his bridge!
LOVE the creativity! 

Caden has such a creative bridge, even his doggos could not knock it down!
Way to go Caden! 

Wednesday Trivia:
What movie is Elsa in? 
Comment BELOW! 


  1. Caden says Frozen 1 and Frozen 2

  2. Loved the video on bridges! Pria and I had a good conversation. We pointed out the triangles in our trusses within our house.