Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Wednesday April 22

Happy Wednesday!

Don't forget our ZOOM meeting at 1:00pm today! It was SOOOOO fun last week! Wait till today, you will see that I can change my background!! You will have to tell me what movie it is from!


Countdown to End of School Year! 

High Lipoprotein(a) - HEART UK--ART DAY! 


LEARNING TO TELL TIME! This is by FAR one of my favorite math lessons! There are 2 VIDEOS to watch today, that is ALL that you have for math! The online games I found were not very user friendly, so I could not change my online plans. So today is watch these videos! Tomorrow I will record myself! 

Your homework is COUNT how many ANALOG clocks you have in your house! COMMENT below with the number!! 

I usually have this big circle in my classroom and have my students run around in it to find the time! This is a sad time for me and not learning with one of my favorite lessons!  


Read for 20 minutes my amazing friends and keep up with the good text to self connections! 

I am reading a book about an author who grew up down south in Louisiana and then she married her husband who is from another country (so not the United States) and she had to grow accustomed (adapt or change) to his way of life!

I can connect to that with my own story but Mr. Friesen isn't from another country, but he is from the city! I grew up on a farm where I had to help my parents with milking and feeding and help chase animals back into their pens when they got out! Mr. Friesen never had to do any of that, but he had to help clean gutters and take stuff out to the curb and recycle, and that was ALL new to me in how everything worked! 

So boys and girls, my connection would have been (that I would write on Seesaw) that the main character married somebody who had a different upbringing just like I did.  


Today's goal is to UNDERLINE words that rhyme! 



Enrichment activity:

You have your choices my friends!

MOBYMAX--that would be between 15-30 minutes on any of the learning activities! I DO get to see what you are working on! 

Directed Drawing--find something on Youtube and follow along to draw it! You can EVEN 

 Spelling is below (this is also from Monday)! It is MEANT to be fun and to keep you guys going with sight words and how to spell them correctly! You SHOULD have 4-6 words because I believe in you guys!