Thursday, April 23, 2020

Thursday, April 23

Another great zoom meeting my friends! You guys need to stop growing so fast! You already looked older!

ABC END of the Year Countdown! 

Donut cartoon B letter illustration | Unique Illustrator Add-Ons ...--BUDDY DAY! Read to ANY buddy today! 


Time! Yesterday we watched two youtube videos on time, it was pretty easy! So today we are working on telling time to the hours!

The hour hand is the one that points to the number, and it becomes o'clock! Your homework today is complete math pages 201-202 in your green book!


Keep reading for 20 minutes and head to seesaw to make some great connections! 
Making Connections | Text to self connection, Text to self ...


Long o spelling with our vowel patterns! 
Just some more fun words you could work with! 

Activities for Teaching the oa/ow/oe Digraphs | English phonics ...


Draw your picture to match the poem! Today you can have mom or dad send me a picture of it! I bet it will look gorgeous! 


Moby max! You know how awesome you guys are with this! Thank you for those who do utilize this resource, I can tell online already who is working on it and what you are working on! Keep up the good work! --remember this is just an extra item that helps keep our brains strong! It is not required, but I do love seeing the progress that is being made! 

Spelling! These are your sight words that you can use the April spelling choice menu! You have 4-6 words that you're working on reading and writing them! These will help you in second grade with Mrs. Kempen! 

Play outside for 20 minutes! What a great activity that gets you to enjoy some of that fresh spring air! According to my weather app, it is supposed to be 46 degrees today!! 

10 Ways to Encourage Your Kids to Play Outside

Don't forget to check in and comment with gym and music! 

Don't forget to comment on both! 


  1. Nothing like being up at 6am and getting all his work done before 9 am 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  2. AJ is working on his homework now

  3. Caden did accomplish his work today sorry no one commented before 3