Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Hello Parents! I am just sending out this quick blog in hopes that since we are checking this morning, we can also either comment below or email me if they would love to do a ZOOM meeting next week! So far it would be anytime after 1:00 Tuesday through Friday, I am just trying to gauge when would be a great meeting time that works for AS MANY of our students' as we can! If everybody can not meet at that time, I would LOVE to connect with your child one-on-one! 

This zoom meeting would be a SHOW n TELL meeting! 
So I would have for sure blocked off 20-30 minutes for the meeting, and it is not mandatory, I just really miss seeing all my first graders! 

So pick your TOP 3 times and DAYS OF THE WEEK!
AND I will try to work it out with EVERYBODY! Fingers crossed!



Any TIME! EVEN if it isn't listed! Just let me know! 

I am available WHEN EVER!! So I am trying to get as many friends together online as I can! Let me know my friends! 

Again, feel free to email  a day of the week or time! And if anything is open, I will just put you down as "anytime"! Which is super flexible--so woohoo! 

Thanks again! 
Love you guys! 

Mrs. Friesen 

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