Monday, April 6, 2020

First Day of E-Learning! Monday, April 6, 2020!

First Day of Spring 2020: Celebrate an Early Spring Equinox | The ...
Welcome to Online Learning boys and girls! I am so excited to start this process with you! 

Please remember, I am only a teacher, and this is all NEW for both of us! I am trying to play around with what works for us and what does not work for us! We are learning together my young friends!

It is A LOT of words today, but it is mostly me explaining what everything is/what you can do at home with them!


I would also LOVE to set up a ZOOM meeting with ALL of my students! Please email me a day/time that works best for you! For zoom, all you have to do is open the link I will send in an email, and you may have to download it, but it doesn't take up much room! It will be password protected/have a waiting room that I will have to then allow them to come in to the meeting, but this is just a fun new thing to do to see what will work for all the students! So like I said, please EMAIL me with a day/time that works best, I will then send out an email that people can vote on and if you show up AWESOME and if not, it is all ok! We are in this together! 

I sent home a Writing Through The Seasons packet. This is an activity to have them write in sequential order (an order that makes sense). Feel free to work with your child through these! It is optional for this part! But I do know that the more times the student's get to access their writing brains, the more artistic they become with their stories! You can do each "writing" segment in two/three days! One day to pre-write/brainstorm or write the "first/next/last" and the second/third day they can put it in order with a picture that they can draw!

I also sent home in an orange packet, fun SCIENCE EXPERIMENTS! Feel free to enjoy these hands on experiments, or feel free to watch videos of people completing them!

In the RED packet, this would be morning work! A quick 10-15 minute warm up that they can do every day to get their brains ready for a learning activity!

I also sent home some a list of spelling words! The ones that I highlighted I would work on spelling/reading them in texts! The first 100 words are the most common in our readings! I had the students working on 4-6 words a time ( a week) to really grasp at the words they are spelling! 

Here is a SPELLING CHOICE BOARD that you can use with your child! I am just aiming for them to be able to read the word in 3 seconds and spell most of our words correctly! 

Pick one from EACH COLOR!! Work on it each night, one color you pick (You do NOT have to do all 9 of these words, I just wanted to give you options, so I would pick one color a day to work on over the week!) SO Monday, I pick 1 red one, Tuesday, I pick 1 blue one, Wednesday I pick 1 purple one, and Thursday, I see if I can spell them all 100%, and if I can't pick another option! It is all about practice! 

  1. Use Play-Doh. Roll your sight words out or write them in the play-doh with your finger
  2. Write your sight word in a white crayon. Then use a marker and color your paper. Read your words as you find them on your paper!
  3. Write your sight words on index cards, then play a game of memory. Make sure you read the words each time you turn over a card. You could also play a game of hide-n-seek with the words, and have mom or dad hide them and you have to find them as fast as you can! 
  4. Type your sight words on the computer.
  5. Write your sight words with crayons. 
  6. Play sight word hopscoth. Write your words on the sidewalk, and hop on each word as you read it. 
  7. Put your words in ABC order. 
  8. Rainbow Words, write each one of the sight words tracing it 3 times with 3 different colors! 
  9. Pyramid Words--create a word pyramid for each one of the words. (example see below)

Then SOME of our friends ended up with Long Vowel Packets--this is for spelling purposes! Feel free to complete those in your free time, they are not required! 


On Seesaw, I have a "decorate an egg"--you have till Sunday to have that completed! If you have not completed the sign in procedure for that, no worries! I do believe that I have 5 of you signed up! I can always resend the information (check your email!) If you don't complete it, NO WORRIES! I am just trying to test out what Seesaw can really do! From one of my teacher groups online, some said it worked awesome, and others were not as thrilled with it! So I am a tester right now!


We are on Unit 6! Yay! Sort/Count/Record Data! (Video Below)

For the fun interactive game online that has AMAZING questions, here is a link to a
graphing game.  . Just click the "graphing game" words and it should take you straight there! 

In your green math books, this would be the first unit! (Video Below)

Language Arts:

I sent home their unused notebook that we were going to be putting our Poems into! That was going to be our final quarter reading/writing! 

So today I need them to copy this text into their book! Make sure to write down today's date (April 6, 2020) and have them copy word for word, making sure that each NEW line, gets his own new line (look at my video) and leaving enough space on the bottom for our picture! Don't forget TITLE goes at the top! 

Two Videos to watch BEFORE we write them into our books! Watch out! Mrs. Friesen made a silly mistake (which is ok! Remember mistakes show that we are trying and learning from them)! 

This video is of me copying showing that it is ok to go to the next line, but to keep my poem in poem form. 

This video is showing what it should look like in my notebook! 


The Big Black Bug
The big back bug
Bit the big black bear,
But the big black bear 
Bit the big black bug back!

Holy Week

In this Easter link, there are some fun Holy Week activities you could do with your child! 


  1. The poem today was silly to read - McKenna

    1. I am glad you liked it McKenna! It did make me laugh, especially with the last line!