Monday, May 11, 2020

Monday, May 11

I hope you all had a beautiful weekend celebrating your mothers! God sent you to them and he knew just how lucky you guys were going to have it with your amazing moms in your life!

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Slimy font type letter n Royalty Free Vector Image Nifty Trip to the Museum! Take a virtual museum trip! 

In this link, there are 17 famous ART museums you can check out! Art Tours Here

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We are going to order by length today! Pages 231-232 in your green math books!

Here is a measurement game! It is from PBS Kids! It is called : Dinosaur Game
You are building bridges for the dinosaurs to cross!

For your journal today, I want you to write what makes your mom special!

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My journal would say:

What makes my mom super special is that she has this amazing ability to laugh at everything! Her laughs sure are funny especially when she squeaks with her high-pitched sound! She is also an amazing cook and knows what my favorite meals are, and she cooks them for me when I ask her about it! I love my mom!