Thursday, September 17, 2020

It is ALMOST Fall!

 See what I did there? It is ALMOST time for fall, and with that changing weather, we are getting ready for all the good things school has to offer us! We have had a very special two weeks, we had two new friends join us in our class! We welcomed Peyton and Owen! They are busy making lots of new friends and creating a completely fun and exciting atmosphere, we are so lucky they have joined our school! 

Next week, September 24 and Monday September 28 first grade students are taking their MAPS testing! This shows where my student's are at, and it will help guide me in their learning progression! With that being said, I want you to make sure that all the student's have a great breakfast and have a great night sleep that night! I want them to do their absolute best and I know they will do amazing! 


We have a math test coming up next Tuesday! It will be on the numbers from 1-10 and the number partners! But do not worry parents, the students have been doing so awesome that I know they are going to rock this! They make me so proud with their numbers! The following chapter will be all about addition and subtraction! 

Check out our morning math meeting!

Language Arts/Reading/Grammar/Writing

For reading, I have assessed where everybody is reading wise! I have lots of friends who are at grade level, and will be reading some challenging books every night, and some friends are above grade level, and they will be completing a novel study with me! I am very excited to get reading with all of my friends! 

For grammar, we have finished up capitalization and punctuation for our classroom! Well, we will still focus on punctuation as we have seen it, some of my friends keep forgetting our endings! But we will overcome this! Next on our list will be types of sentences! 

Writing, we are really focusing on proper letter formations! We should not have letters floating in the air, we should have lowercase letters as lowercase letters and uppercase letters in the correct spot! This is a hard goal as many students are still continuing to write in uppercase letters all the way through their writing. I will be sending home extra lowercase packets to focus on our writing skills! Please continue to work with our friends to make our writing extra awesome! 

Science and Social Studies

We will continue to work with living and non-living! Check out our Facebook page with pictures of our class checking around outside if we have any living and non-living items at school! (Good news, we have tons of both!) 

Social studies we are working on being a responsible citizen! 


We are working on doing the sign of the cross the correct way! Please work with your child to ensure they are using the correct hand, and moving it across their body the correct way! 

Coming Up:

18: Mass 8:15am
25 Mass 8:15, Early Release (no aftercare) 11:30

Check out these cute pictures from our extra recess we earned! Go Firsties Go! 

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