Wednesday, September 30, 2020 tomorrow!


October is finally here (tomorrow!) and I can not wait for this month! It is by far ONE of my favorite months, next to all of the warm months of the summer! (Give me a 90 degree day with high humidity ANY day of the week!) October has such a special meaning in my heart this year and I am very lucky to be here at St. Ed's where I get to cherish all the special moments! 

This month on Wednesday, October 28, we will be having a fun party (if the student's have their planners signed all month long) with fun and educational games, and a movie and fun and yummy food (all store bought)! So this is our October incentive this year, and I just know my students' are going to rock this! 

Language Arts/Grammar/Reading/Phonics

So this has been a BUSY month! From working on our writing skills with correct letter formation, to realizing that we are authors! Our writing skills are blossoming and I can not wait to see what adventures our writing takes us onto! 

For grammar, we have focused on capitalization and punctuation, and my oh my we have sort of become experts! We still have the forgetful moments, but have no fear, we will get through this! Next focus we are working on is different types of sentences!

For phonics, we have worked on ALL the short vowels up to now, and next week our focus will be on short e! Have a little fun with your student and ask them to tell you the secret story of our "lazy" vowels! After the short vowels are over, we then get to focus on double letters ll, ff, and ss! I am so excited! 

Reading, we are working in our leveled texts! You may see some books come home from my classroom that I just need you to listen to your son or daughter read out-loud with them as it is in their reading level! I test all students every month after working on spelling and reading patterns in our small groups! 


For math we had finished our first math test and let me just say WOW!! All kiddos did super amazing and I am super proud of them! When my students get 100% on a test, they are rewarded with a treat of their choice so if you noticed some candy come home, that was the treat they picked! 

This next chapter is about addition and subtraction strategies.  I am starting to send home more math homework! They have about 10-15 minutes to work in class to complete their worksheets and it is all stuff that my students can do! So be on the lookout for those math homework days! I do not send home work on Friday's! Those days I want my students families to be worried about having a great weekend! 


Science and Social Studies

For science, we are wrapping up our Living and Non-living unit! We are focused on plants and our outside world and deciding if they are living or non-living! We are classifying our items and they are getting super awesome at telling us WHY they put their items into each category!  Next unit is outer space and the moon! 

Social studies we are also wrapping up our Responsible Citizen unit! We are using this month to really discuss what it is important we are responsible citizens in our classroom and in our school and out in the community! I am very proud of all the conversations my student's are adding to the conversations! 


We just worked on learning about the 5 different religious seasons! We learned about Ordinary Time, and Advent Time, Christmas Time and Lent Time and Easter Time. The kids really worked hard on this task today with them cutting out our titles and adding them to our paper! Then using clues from our conversation to figure out which picture went where on our paper! 

For a fun writing project, we pretended to have different teeth and what it would be like! I had some tiger teeth, a rattlesnake teeth, EVEN a narwal tooth! The kids have such a love of learning! Makes me proud when they proudly explained why they choose that particular tooth! 

A picture of our whole class! INCLUDING our at home student!! I am beyond blessed with these kiddos! Thank you parents for making sure your child is here and learning to be the best they can possibly be! They make me proud to be a St. Edward Eagle! 

Upcoming Dates:

2-Mass 8:15
7-Fire Department visit (10:00am)
9-Mass 8:15
16-Mass 8:15
19-Virtual Home and School Meeting 7:00om
23-Mass 8:15
28-Mass 8:15
29/30 No School

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