Monday, October 12, 2020

October, My Favorite Month


This is by far my favorite month when it comes to seasons as you can really feel the changing seasons coming, and the beautiful colors, it is just as if God himself was painting this amazing picture for all of us to see! (Well for sure us in the north, my friend in Florida gets to see green)

Language Arts/Writing/Phonics/Reading

For language arts/grammar, we have been working on different types of sentences! They sure do love to use movements to decide which punctuation fits into our sentences. This week we have been working on nouns, and we will be working on nouns for the next two weeks! 

For phonics, we have FINISHED all the short vowel sounds and learning about their secret story! This week are focusing on double letter endings with ff/ll/ss! These are there for short vowel sounds! Now not every word will follow this rule, but generally, if it has a short vowel sound and ends with an f or s or l, it should be doubled! We only introduce the zz sound, but it is not mastered in first grade yet! 

Writing we are finishing up our first unit where we realize we are writers! We have focused on many stories and used some of those stories as our writing inspiration! We will be finishing up this first unit by the end of the month, where we will have "published" our first writing and using pictures! I am hopeful to have this unit finished up by the time conferences roll around in November! 

Reading, I have been busy re-evaluating where our students reading level is now! Many of my students have improved so much! They have jumped 3-5 levels! I am still working on everybody growing, and I have not fully evaluated everybody, but it is all good! I am so proud of all of them! 


We will be finishing up this unit 2! Which has been adding and subtraction strategies, and our test for unit 2 will be on Friday! Then starting next week, we are going to be working off a different math curriculum for the next two weeks as I feel it makes a nice transition into adding and subtracting strategies up to 100, except this focus will be working with up to 20 partners! I am excited as this is one of my favorite units and your child will become a professional mathematician!  


This week we have been working on the 10 Commandments! We have also focused on the Holy Family and created a special our own Holy Family template! They are such amazing artists! 

Science and Social Studies

For science we have finished up our plants unit, and we will be focusing on habitats! I was wrong about the stars unit as I got a head of myself! So we will be focusing on habitats for the next few weeks and we will need shoe boxes to complete our own habitat! I will be sending this home as a project for our students to work on at home, with some pictures from school! I will also give ideas for all of you parents! Yay! 

For social studies, we are going to be focusing on families from long ago! We will be making connections to the present and we will be working together to create a large venn diagram at the end to distinguish the differences and similarities from then to now! I am so excited! 

Check out our "Pumpkin Field Trip"

We first went to the field to pick our pumpkins! Then we decided to decorate them! I love how cute they turned out and how excited everybody was! 

Red Ribbon Week October 22-28

Thursday October 22-Put Drugs to rest! Wear your pajamas today! 
Friday October 23-Sock it to Drugs! Wear crazy socks! * Church today*
Monday October 26-Travel Drug Free ! Dress as a tourist today! 
Tuesday October 27-Put a lid on Drugs! Wear Crazy hats today! 
Wednesday October 28-Say Boo to Drugs! Wear Halloween Colors today (black orange, lime green, etc)! *Church today*

Upcoming Events:

13-Feast of St. Edward
16-Mass at 8:15
19-Virtual Home and School Meeting
23-Mass at 8:15
28-Mass at 8:15
29-No School, teacher inservice
30-No School

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