Thursday, November 5, 2020

November is Here and This is my Type of Weather!

 Oh how much I have loved having these warm and sunny days, only knowing that they will one day end, and start with those blistery cold recesses and the one word that sends shivers down my spine: SNOW. 

But the student's are ever in love with that knowledge that when it snows, it snows A LOT! And they always look forward to our giant snow hill that will end up taking over the field for spots 2 and 6! 

Language Arts, Grammar, Phonics, Reading, Spelling

Coming up we have lots of goodies! In grammar, we have finished up working on NOUNS! We have learned about singular and plural, and we have hit a milestone in regards to POSSESSIVE nouns! The students have rocked these lessons in a way that I haven't seen in any other class before! Next two weeks we will be working on verbs! We will be playing a charade type game with the students to gather that ACTION verbs is somebody doing something! 

For phonics, we have mastered several diagraphs! Sh/Th/Ch/Wh/Ph, next week we are focusing on kn/ck/wr! The students have listened to a song titled DIAGRAPHS, and it is about how two letters make one sound! I have included the link below!  The following week we are working on R Controlled vowels! The students sure are growing in their reading abilities with our phonics program and they make me so PROUD! 

For reading, we work in small groups for under 15 minutes to reach all the students! I have been sending books home in their bags to read with you! Yes, the book maybe the same for 1-3 nights, but that is because in the small groups, we end up visiting and learning about different main points about the story, such as main character, point of view, plot of our story! All good stuff, I promise! 


We finished up a "quick" unit on teen numbers, next we will are going to work on missing addend numbers! This is such a fun chapter for my students as it really forms their math brains! It has the students focus on is it part of the whole number or part of the equation, a part-part-whole subject! We have been working on math mountains all year, and this is where it is going to come in handy! 

We will also be focusing on word problems! 

Mrs. Volkmann, who has been student teaching in my classroom for the past two weeks, is going to be taking over math for the next unit! She has great ambitions to become a teacher and I am excited to help her on her way! 

Science/Social Studies

Science we are working on animal habitats for the next two weeks! 

Social studies we are working on Long Ago and Today! We are taking a look at our past and learning from the past! Once December starts, we are going to be working on Holiday's Around the World for Science and Social Studies, come January, we will work on Science for the first two weeks! 


We are working out of our books this year! We have been focusing on the Lord's Prayer that Jesus taught us! Continue to work on this prayer daily with your child! 

Halloween Party Photos

We had such a blast creating Monster Traps to catch free roaming monsters and a science experiment to see if we could make stuff bubbling! 

November 3rd

Mrs. Volkmann read Duck for President and we discussed what it means to be President. We then got to write about why should be president! Then as a class we voted who should be President of our classroom and Karly won! 

Coming Up:

6 Mass 8:15
10 Parent teacher conferences (virtual from 3:15-6:00) 
11-Veteran's Day, Mass at 8:15
12-Parent teacher conferences (virtual from 3:15-6:00)
13-No School
20-Mass 8:15, adoration after Mass
25- Mass at 8:15, Early Release at 11:30
26-No School, Happy Thanksgiving
27-No School

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