Friday, December 4, 2020

December is Here, With No Snow!

 So I am in LOVE with the no snow, my students are not! I feel for them, I truly do! I just hope they can still get that sweet, white, fluffy stuff soon! I know how much peace and happiness it brings to my students every day! This post will go through the end of the month! In January, I will continue with every other week! 

Coming up this month is LOTS of fun stuff! Lots of art projects and wrapping up some very important lessons! Looking forward to the time when we celebrate Jesus' birth! 


For language arts we are sure working hard in EVERY aspect! Reading we are working on beginning, middle and end! We have focused on characters and setting, and now we will be moving forward and working on problem and solution! Starting in January, we are going to be focusing on different weekly themes to help us grasp deeper understanding of our texts! We will still also be working in small groups to help us grow in our level! Continue reading each night with your child, whether I assign it for homework or not! I HIGHLY encourage the students to read to you! 

Grammar, we finished up verbs, and subject and verb agreement! Coming up, we are going to be focusing on pronouns before heading into break! 

Phonics, we have finished up l-blend words. Next week we are working on r-blend words, and then jumping into long and short vowel sounds and how we can distinguish the difference *HINT long vowels say their name!*

Writing, we have finished up writing our narrative stories! Next unit we will be focusing on will be informational writing! At the end of this unit, we are going to be enjoying some time when my pet snake Ebenezer Squeezer gets to come in and enjoy some time with my students! 


Math we are finishing up our unit on teen numbers and adding and subtracting within 100 using 10 sticks! Next chapter we are going to be hitting home how to add and subtract using our ones cubes and learning how to "make a new ten" with regrouping! This is always a fun and exciting unit and I can not wait to get started! 


We have been working on advent wreaths in the classroom! We used our hands and they sure turned out gorgeous! Each week we will be adding a new flame to our candles! We will be working out of our religion book! 

Science/Social Studies

Science is on the back burner for December. Once January comes, we will be working on science the first few weeks! We are going to be doing a unit on the solar system! We will first be looking at our planet! 

Social studies are in full force and we are looking at Holidays Around the World! I have been sending home some project we do in class for the students' to share with you about the new holiday they have learned about! I hope they share some of the fun and exciting ways we are alike another country and how we are different! 

Art Project 

Today's Art project was inspired by Mooseltoe! 

Coming Up:


Monday 12/7: Ugly Sweater
Tuesday 12/8: Flannel Day
Wednesday 12/9: Elf Day (Dress up as an Elf)
Thursday 12/10 :Team day, dress up as your favorite team and bring a can of food to donate! 
Friday 12/11: Christmas colors for Mass
Monday 12/14: Ugly sweater again
Tuesday 12/15: Grinch Day
Wednesday 12/16: Rudolph day , wear red today! 
Thursday 12/17: Present Day--dress up in bows! 
Friday 12/18 Dress up day--WEAR your CHRISTMAS best! 
Monday 12/21: Santa Day
Tuesday 12/22: Pajama day (and Party day for the school!) 

Also notes, there is no hot lunch next week! So please pack a cold lunch all next week! Hot lunch will continue on Monday Dec 14! 

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