Thursday, February 28, 2019


Will March come in like a lion and leave like a lamb? I sure hope we are done with this winter!

This March we will be focusing on lots of fun and exciting activities--like usual! Image result for come in like a lion and leave like a lamb
Image result for dr seuss
Image result for dr seuss hatNext week is Dr. Seuss week!! Have your students dress up every day! We also have Mass on Wednesday (Ash Wednesday) and Friday this week also! 

Monday: Hats off to Dr. Seuss! Wear a crazy or favorite hat! 

Tuesday: Crazy Fox in Sox! Wear mismatched and crazy socks! 
Wednesday:Reading fun in the sun! Bring your shades and beach towels to read under the sun! 
Thursday:Cozy up to a good book! Wear pajamas! 
Friday: Cat in the Hat Day! Wear red and white today! 

Reading/Language Arts/Writing/Phonics

We are focusing on for writing better sentences! We are focusing on increasing our use of adjectives to help describe our words and changing out some of our "boring" verbs into fun ones! 

We are also working on long/short vowel sounds, we are also focusing in our small groups how to sound out all of our sounds! (Long vowels using CVCe = the vowel says its name, so there has to be an e at the end) Some groups are working on reading with fluency! Other groups are starting to focus on comprehension skills and working on vocabulary words that pop up in our reading! This group that we recorded were working on diagraph endings--using the ending sound-ank. Listen to how awesome this group is at solving these words! 
I am SO proud of these young readers and writers! 


We are finishing up with addition to 40 facts, now our next unit we are focusing on with be subtracting facts up to 40! Thank you parents for playing some of our fun games with your child! They all come in the next day and tell me how they "beat" their parents in the game! I get so excited for them because they love to share with me the learning that goes on at home! Thank you for keeping your child so engaged and learning to love math! 

I continually tell my students, "you are supposed to struggle to understand a new concept, if you don't struggle, you aren't learning, and if you don't struggle, you might be a computer! I can't teach computers!". They love this motto because they truly realize that they do not have to understand it right out of the gate, but they will one day get it! 


Image result for lent
Since it is the time of Lent, we will be focusing on one thing we can go without for the 6 weeks! We are going to be discussing the importance of making this sacrifice, but we will also be talking about setting good goals that we could accomplish! (Some said they would give up vegetables for lent! I disagreed with them!) We will be reminding ourselves weekly of our one thing we can "give up". 

I will also be sending home a lenten bag! I hope your family sets it up and prays every night to it as it is such a great reminder to ourselves all of what Jesus truly did for all of us! 


We are finishing up our moon and solar system study! Boy-oh-boy do they have some AMAZING questions! I truly love how they ask such thought-provoking questions! 
Image result for moon

The students should be able to answer what phases these moons are in! 

Then onto simple machines! I feel like I am SO far behind with only 3 months left of school!! But the students are loving every single second of it! 
The discussion they were having when making the star picture that will be hung up in our classroom was AMAZING! Also check out what your student has on SeeSaw! 

 Blending beautifully!
 How amazing are my little artists?!

They are so complimentary to everybody!  I am truly blessed!

Social Studies

Image result for wants/needs for first grade picture Image result for community economics for first grade
We are FINALLY wrapping up the community economics! We have focused on supply and demand, our needs and wants, and we have focused on how to save money for the future! We have learned it is ok to spend money sometimes, but it is also important to save our money! 

Important Dates:

     1st - Mass 8:15am
     5th - 4/5 skiing at Buboltz 9-11:30am; Get Active 2nd - 5th 3-3:45pm; 
     6th - Mass 8:15am for Ash Wednesday
     7th - Get Active 4k - 1st 3-3:45pm
     8th - Mass 8:15am

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