Friday, September 6, 2019

Second Week-was another for the books!

I just wanted to say how can it be Friday already?! This has been such a fun week! We are working on learning routines, learning classroom expectations, and working on our prayers at Mass! I have such energetic students that they have a million stories to tell! I love hearing ALL of them!

You may have noticed that I am sending home their assignment notebooks EVERY night! I need you to sign them to help our students become successful at being responsible! Starting next week, I will be assigning some reading daily homework. I highly encourage parents still read to their children, but I would love for our students to start reading on their own also! I know they know how to do it!

Art Class: 

Here we are working on our Alphabet Painting! I am very happy to see that our students can recognize the letters in the alphabet! They had to arrange all the letters on this paper, and then water color over the letters! The first letter of our name is colored BLUE-because that was the color we all could agree on! But if you notice, that blue does not repeat itself in the painting! 


We will start small groups next week! I have already assessed where each child could read and comprehend, so now I will be utilizing small groups to help them grow with their reading ability! For phonics, we are working on short letter vowels! 

For reading also, we will be learning different techniques when it comes to unfamiliar words! This week and next week, we are working on EAGLE EYE! We look at the picture clues to see if we can solve what the word is! 

We are truly lucky to have the little learners that we do, because they told me that they are NEVER going to give up until they get it! We discussed how we might not get it now, at that exact moment, but with perseverance and working hard at it, we are going to be able to get it and understand it! It is that word of "yet" that we are working on. It is ALL about growth  mindset--" I can't understand....yet!"

Writing, we are working on Our Pictures Tell A Story! We will be focusing on goals to help us achieve what we truly want to work on. We are also working on letter formations! Please ensure that your child writes the letters the correct way! 


We are working on what it looks like and sounds like at Mass. I am really working on the students understanding Mass procedures and having our praying hands at the correct times! 

In the classroom, we are learning about how God created us to be unique and how we can help the world! 

Science/Social Studies:

For science, we are starting next week with attributes of living and non-living characteristics! We will be completing a science experiment in two weeks to see if we can sort the items I bring into living/non-living using the characteristics we came up with. 

Social Studies is all about being a good citizenship!  We will work together to discuss the importance of following the rules that are set up for us! 


We are working on numbers and number partners to 10! We have focused on numbers that were missing, and the different ways to make numbers partners starting at 6 (1+5, 2+4, etc.) and working up to 10! 

So far, number formation is awesome! 


In case your child hasn't told you, we are doing "Friesen Cash" for classroom fun prizes! Some items your child gets to "purchase" is first one in lunch line, special chair for a day, or even pick a fun smartboard game! We all came up with prizes that we wanted in the class, and are working to be able to "pay" for the right! Along with this, we also have the ability to lose our money! We can lose it by showing disrespect to our friends or adults, not listening, or even hurting our friends! 

This is a great incentive for the students because they are becoming more responsible for themselves and their actions! I have seen REAL improvement from my students! I am hoping this will be a positive reinforcement! We are also learning how to count by $5! Which is a HUGE accomplishment in first grade! 


Just keep an eye out for homework that is not complete in the classroom! I will send it home with the word homework on top, and reading assignments! 

If you have any questions please feel free to email me! I will respond as soon as I can! 

Thanks for your continued support!

Mrs. Friesen 


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