Monday, December 16, 2019

Can it be? He is the reason for the season!

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I love Christmas, which is the only day I would prefer snow, however it has not happened! We have the joy of snow that is here and the ice that comes with it!

We are DAYS away from our Christmas program! Please have your child here at 5:35pm on Thursday night! There is also a performance Thursday morning at 10:00am. Please have them dressed nice as if we were going to Mass. Please remember that it is hot in the gym with everybody! It does get hot and kids will be standing and sitting and moving!


When we come back from break, we will be focusing on subtraction within teen problems and how to address our different place value spots! They have become some professionals at place values! 


For spelling, we will continue with our fundation words! We took a break in December to focus on the play and reading for fluency out of our binders! 

Thank you to everybody who reads the fluency binders with your child! They have all grown in this area and with the help of answer context/comprehension questions, they are good at finding the answers in the texts when we read during large and small groups! 

Reading, everybody has grown with their reading levels! I am very proud of them, and after Christmas break, we are going to continue to do such marvelous things! Keep up the good work students! 

For writing, we had to take a break from this as well, but we continued writing every day! When we come back from break, we are going to be focusing on Writing For A Purpose, whether it is to tell a story or share a memory, we have a reason to write and draw an image that matches our words! 

Phonics, we are working on long vowel spelling words and some students will be focusing on double vowel sounds in the middle of words! 

Social Studies:

We traveled the world and finished up our Holidays Around the World unit! The students made some cool classroom designs to help them remember the different holidays! They love that other countries also celebrate the birth of Jesus! When we come back, we will finish up our unit on Long, Long Ago. 


We will work on some fun science experiments and come up with our own hypothesis as to what is going to happen! Be on the lookout for items that we might need to have donated to our classroom! I am always appreciative of what donations we do get! 

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We are finishing up our Advent work! I ask that you bring your children to Mass and truly celebrate the reason for the season!
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Christmas Break

We have off for 2 FULL weeks for break! I ask that you continue to read with your child EACH night so that they can continue on that positive growth for our reading levels! I am very proud of all the students and they sure do make everything better! 


If you have any questions or anything, please email me! I am available most days and will reply as soon as I can!  

Important Dates:

19- Christmas Program 10:00am and 6:00pm (have your child here starting at 5:35) NO AFTERCARE
20-Mass at 8:15, Whole School Pj Day, Classroom Party Day
21-January 5th Christmas Break

6th Welcome back from break! 

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