Tuesday, March 31, 2020

March 31, 2020

Goodbye to a rainy , windy , dreary, cold last day of March. 3/31 ...

Good morning boys and girls! I recorded a video this morning for you! So that is why my post is late! My video is still uploading to Youtube! I could be a Youtube STAR! Ok, not really, good thought though! 

Today my video is all about somebody pretending to be a frog for fun! I find it very funny to pretend to be animals! I know that my daughter's loved it when I pretended to be a dinosaur and had to chase them around the house! 

Today's Goal:

Draw a picture of a frog with these easy steps! 

Happy drawing my amazing friends! 

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Why do frogs say "ribbit"?Look at ALL the froggies! 

Aj's frog--so cute! 
Liam created an amazing art piece! 

Blake's Awesome frog! 
McKenna's frog is on a lily pad-how neat!
Caden even gave his frog a name, AND a junior version of him! 


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