Friday, April 24, 2020

Friday, April 24

Happy Friday my friends!
Happy Friday • USO El Paso

Remember that you are amazing and I am so lucky that I am your teacher and that God put you here! 

End of the Year ABC countdown! 

Rainbow Letter C - Rainbow - Aufkleber | TeePublic DE--CAREER DAY! Dress up in a career you would like to have! I think Superhero would be a cool career, but I really like my teaching career!


We did time yesterday! We learned how to count the hours using the hour hand and the minute hand! Today is kind of a review of that again! You have the opportunity to make a book using page 203 in your book! You  cut those out and using the times, you draw a picture of something that you would be doing at that time! I have given you an example in my video! 

I hope you enjoyed Piper's help in this video! She wanted to be a teacher today!! 


Read for 20 minutes and head on over seesaw! This is our last day this week to make text connections to ourselves! 


Read your poem 3 times out loud! You can read to mom and dad, your pet, and even your stuffed animals! I know how much they enjoy you reading to them! 

How stuffed animals can boost children's reading and imagination ...


You have been working SO hard this week with your long vowel o sounds using vowel teams! Today can you make sentences using those words? I want to challenge you to make 10 sentences! I think you can do it because I know how amazing you are! Remember, this is a challenge! If you did not want to write 10 sentences, you can practice writing your long vowel sounds once more! 



or Spelling! 

or play inside for 20 minutes with NO technology!!! Boys and girls, you have that! Reece, Piper and Blakley LOVE to play Barbies or color or play fashion show! 

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