Monday, April 27, 2020

Monday, April 27

Happy new week my loves!

Parents--if you are experiencing that ANY of this work it too much, you have permission to take a break! You are allowed to rest and relax! Your child's emotional health means A LOT more to me than completing work! 

If you didn't want to complete the poem this week, you don't have too, if you needed a break from math, take a break! 

I know NEXT year, they have an AMAZING second grade teacher, and she is going to just catch them up with everything! 

I am here for YOUR child! I love them just like my own and if they are overwhelmed, pick and choose what you would like to do, if you need a break from this, take a break! 

I put A LOT on here to help out if you needed to think of anything! But I would MUCH rather have happy, healthy children, than anything else! 

All I am REQUESTING from you, is that you still check in on the blog EVERY day, so I can take attendance! 

I hope this helps! I love your children, I love that you gave me the opportunity to help them grow in love and with Jesus! 


End of Year ABC Countdown! 

Floral Alphabet D Letter - Letter | Transparent PNG Download ...--Dot Art and Divine Mercy Chaplet! Use a q-tip and paint the beads on a rosary as you say the Divine Mercy Chaplet! 

Rosary coloring page. | Catholic kids crafts, Rosary, Catechism crafts



Read for 20 minutes and check out Seesaw!


Whoops--realized I also missed the long u sounds! I will hit those next week my friends! I apologize! 

Vowel Teams Poster 1-2

Practice writing your words today boys and girls! You will do AMAZING things! 


Once I Saw a Macaw--title of my poem! 

Once I saw a macaw.
I looked and gawked in wonder and awe!

I saw its great claws and then I just paused!
It flew right up to me and squawked,
"Caw, caw, caw!"

Then it perched beside me on the lawn!
We quietly sat there together in until dawn. 

When I felt a big yawn, 
I looked up and he was gone! 
Scarlet Macaw price in India|What is the best pet birds?


Pick one activity that you didn't do last week and check it out! 

Don't forget to check in!

Check out our music and gym blogs and comment on them so your amazing teachers can see that you are checking in on them! They miss you just as much as I miss you! 

Mrs. Klemp's Blog
Ms. LeClair's blog


On Seesaw this week for Art--I have create a creature! I can't wait to see how our creative brains are going to work on this!